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The reception desk is very important for companies, hotels, and buildings. They are important places responsible for receiving customers and processing appointment orders. It also represents the facade of the entire company. If our reception desk is too simple and crude, it will give others a very bad impression. It also affected the image of our company or this building. Therefore, we must be very careful when buying the reception desk. We all know that there are many styles of reception desks. If we want to make a unique reception desk, we can choose to customize it.

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What I want to introduce to you today is a very advanced reception desk. From the picture, we can see that the surface of this reception desk is bumpy, like a diamond. Its color is glossy gray. It looks very shiny under the light. The base material of this cash register is MDF, which is a kind of artificial board. The surface treatment is bright paint. The use of baking varnish in display furniture is very extensive. Its color rendering is also very good and beautiful. The paint is harmless to our body after high-temperature treatment and standing. 

Its length is 2.4m. This is the regular size of the reception desk, it is a two-person reception desk. We can put two computers. The inside of our reception desk is a countertop and an open cabinet. It is relatively simple. Our skirting is made of stainless steel. We often use electricity when we use computers. So we will also install sockets on the reception desk.

Its overall height is 105cm, and the height from the ground to the work surface is 85cm. The depth is 60cm. This height and depth are basically universal. Many reception desks have fixed lengths, widths, and heights. If you have special requirements for the size, you can tell us. We can help you modify it.


All our reception desks are made in accordance with customer requirements. So we don't have stock, we do it on the spot. The size of many reception desks is basically fixed. We have two kinds of materials, plywood and laminate or veneer, MDF and baking varnish. The veneer has two options of wood grain color and solid color. The paint can only choose a solid color. You can tell us the color you want, and we will design our reception desk according to all requirements.

Each of our reception desks has a detailed drawing, and our workers produce it according to the drawing. So before starting production, we have to confirm the drawings. Once construction starts, it cannot be modified. We have our own factory, and our workers have a very rich work experience. We will also provide you with a high-quality product.

Order Process

If you want to customize a reception desk, you need to contact us and tell me your requirements. Such as the desk size, style, and color. We can make the design first. When finish the design, we can confirm all the details and know its exact price.

Our desk design fee is 200USD, when we place an order, it can use as a deposit. The desk design allows modification. You can get the desk you want here. When we confirm the final design, we can start production. The desk production time is 12-18 working days.

How can I get the desk?

When finish production, we can arrange the shipment. We can ship the desk to your port or your detailed address.

Is transportation free?

The freight is based on the goods volume and your country.

What is the shipping time?

The shipping time also depends on your country. It usually takes 35 days to the United States, 25 days to Australia, and 30 days to European countries.

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Color grey
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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