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White Reception Desk with Light Strip for Sale

 Reception Desk

Educational Institution Reception Desk with Stright Shape for Sale

White unique welcome counter & reception desk for sale

Unique design with a good quality reception desk.

Any unique design allow to add to the kiosk

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I am very happy today because I am going to share a nice reception desk with you. Before we plan to start our business, it’s important to have a unique reception desk in a prominent location. Not only for an office building or retail shop, but custom also made the reception desk always catch eyes and bring different effect. Because it is following your idea and can better show your company culture and matches the brand theme. Let’s continue and learn more about the custom made reception desk.

Unique reception desk design

This is a very common reception desk for 2 people to work together. It is very suitable for use in kindergartens, school admissions offices, hotels, pharmacies, mobile phone shops, clinics, pet shops, etc. The dimension is 2400mm*500mm*1000mm, not a fixed size, we can make it any size match to the location.

Color decoration

The main color is white with orange, yellow and blue for decoration. The front side has a tree decoration, which means the business grows fast and goes further. The Statue of Liberty is decorated in yellow, it is not very conspicuous, but it also decorated the reception desk. The brand logo of artistic words in curved shape is also very popular, and the blue font can highlight the theme even if it does not have a light on the back.

Detail description:

We can see the two sides have smoothly round corners, which avoids people from injury. The sides can also be used to put documents and other items. The backside has some locked drawers and cabinets. You can also make a keyboard drawer for easy use. If you need an attractive effect, you can also add floor light.


Simple and novel style.

This reception desk has no complicated design, simple but not simple. The smooth and beautiful lines and the unique linear desktop design combine the aesthetics and practicality of art.

Choose green materials.

The customized office front desk adopts MDF as the main body and white gloss paint as the finish. Beautiful and easy to use, feel smooth, and easy to take care of. You can also upgrade to flame retardant MDF, which is a widely used material

Rich and diverse internal structure.

You can hardly imagine that such a delicate countertop has a lot of storage space. It can store different materials, books, monitors, green plants, etc. The built-in sliding drawer has alloy guide rails, making full use of every inch of space.

How to order the unique reception counter

First, make a layout plan. The layout plan shows the size and sketch of the reception counter clearly and shows us how the goods you need.

Second, think of color decoration. Different color makes the reception counter unique. If you have no idea, we recommend using the same color match to the brand theme. And also you can ask for help, the professional designer will give you good ideas.

Third, make a design model based on your needs. The 3D design is to show your needs directly in 3D photos. A new 3D design drawing needs 300usd and will give you within 5 working days.

Fourth, produce the reception counter accordingly. When you agree with the design, and production follows the design drawing, you can get the same kiosk in real life. Building the reception counter takes 15-18 working days

Finally, deliver the reception counter and use it. Before the goods are ready, we have to check shipping fright and booking. Then packing the reception counter well with a wooden box. So you can receive a complete reception desk with wires and drawers. And you can use it directly.

More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, acrylic, etc.
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