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White unique welcome counter & reception desk for sale

White Reception Desk with Light Strip for Sale

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The reception desk is arguably the most common type of commercial furniture. The reception desk includes a hotel reception desk, restaurant reception desk, company reception desk, salon reception desk, game hall reception desk, and so on. Many industries need a good-looking reception desk. Only a good-looking reception desk can allow customers to stop. Only when many customers stop to watch the reception desk, we will have more customers. In other words, the reception desk represents the face of the company. 

Next, I will introduce the office reception desk to you. The reception desk can put in the office.

Office Reception Desk

The reception desk is made into MDF and the surface we use the baking paint. We all know that the baking paint will be more smooth and bright. It will attract more eye-catching from the customer. In general, white is a versatile color, it can be used in many situations. This is why the white reception desk is very popular with the public. A perfect reception is a space suitable for customers. If you want to add your own logo to your cabinet, we can also add your logo to it.

The Front View

office reception with simple style

You can see the reception desk, you can see the light strip and the logo. The surfaces of the reception desk are smooth and attractive. We all decorated the front of the reception desk with lights. Light strips of this shape are very common in our lives. Many of our products are designed and produced according to customer needs. If you need a nice, but simple front desk. This one is very suitable for you. Regarding the color of the light strip, you can tell us the color you want. If you want multiple color conversions, we can also install this type. These problems are not very big.

Regarding the shape of the front counter, you can tell us what you want. We will design and make it according to what you want.

The interior structure

The internal layout also needs to be considered. Each of our layouts is designed and produced according to customer needs. You can tell me how many locations you need for service. We will do what you want. You can see the internal structure of these three models, each of which is different. Some guests will want cabinets to store their belongings. Some customers just want a drawer. We will customize according to your needs.

interior structure


Can I do a new for my office?

Sure, we are a custom manufacturer and can customize the reception desk according to your needs. You can tell me what style you like. Besides the white reception desk with light strip, we will produce many types like wooden style, colorful style, round shape, L shape, U shape styles, and so on. If you have no ideas for it, no worries, you can tell me what color you need, your office environment, and the logo. We have a professional design team, we will design and produce it combining these.

What Material do you want?

In this one, we use the MDF as the main material, and on the surface, we use baking paint.

In general, the reception desks are done through more kinds of material like the MDF, plywood, artificial stone, marble, solid wood, and etc. All the material depends on the final design and your own budget. If you have enough budget, you will have many choices to take. If you just have 1k-2.5k USD to buy the reception desk, no worries, we will help you do it. But please keep in mind that the price of the reception desk is definitely different for different sizes, materials, and structures.

If you want to order a new reception desk, we can customize the reception desk for you.

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