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reception desk

Curve Reception Counter & Company Front Desk with Attractive Style for Sale

White Curve Reception Desk & Office Front Counter for Sale

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If you want to get a good reception for your company or office. We need to get to pay more attention to the design of the reception desk. We all know that the reception desk is the first impression of the company. Many companies pay more attention to the reception desk and will invite a professional design team to design the reception desk. We all know that the design is not only a good appearance but also has shown the company development and idea.

A good reception desk will consider many things like the company image, the reception desk environment, the size you want. In general, the size of the reception desk will depend on the size of the company. Many companies will add the logo to the reception desk and show their needs on the kiosk. You also can tell me how many people do you want to sit with? We can arrange a suitable place to arrange the frontman.

The Reception Desk

At the reception desk we use the MDF as the main material, the surface we use the baking pint to finish it. The surface of the reception desk is smooth and has some design style. The whole shape is curved, we have done many sets curve reception before and make the reception desk more attractive. There is 3 place you can work, the front, the corner, and the side. If you have your own idea about the reception desk, we will help you customize the reception desk based on your needs.

reception desk size


  • Material, MDF
  • Size: 2.15x1.675m
  • Surface: baking paint
  • Color, white
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe

Production Process

Wooden Cabinet

We will use medium-density fiberboard as the main material. This is a complicated and careful process. The production of this part is the most important. We will make wooden cabinets according to the construction drawings and renderings. Only a good wooden cabinet can have a finished product.


Polishing is used for subsequent operations. This step is used after a wooden cabinet and before baking primer. We know that the surface of this wooden cabinet is uneven. Therefore, we need to polish the wooden cabinet to make the surface smoother and make it have a certain adsorption force. After polishing, we need to coat the surface with a white primer. This makes it easier to paint later.

Baking paint

Baking paint is the process of coloring display cabinets. It has two surface effects, bright and matte. You can choose what interests you. The paint on the outer layer of the reception desk is bright because the bright paint is easier to attract customers' attention. Spray the color evenly on the display shelf, then bake the shape at a high temperature and let it stand for a while.


The final step is to install. We will install light strips, drawers, skirting, sockets, etc. When making wooden cabinets, we will also put the wires on the cabinets in advance. Because the voltages in different countries are different, we will install transformers at the bottom. When you receive the reception desk, turn on the electricity. If general customers need a LOGO, we can also help customers make the corresponding LOGO.

There Some Question from Customer

How do You Ship it to Canada?

In general, we will ship it by sea to Canada, we will ship the reception desk to the port which is near to you. If you want to receive it quickly, you can choose to ship it by air. The air shipping fee will be more expensive than sea shipping. So if you have more time to prepare it, I suggest that you can choose sea shipping.

How Long Will We Receive it?

The time includes shipping time and production time. The production time will take 18-22 working days to finish the reception desk. The shipping time based on which port is near to you. For example, if the Edmonton port is near to you, the shipping time will take about 30 days.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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