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Curve Reception Counter & Company Front Desk with Attractive Style for Sale

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The reception desk is really important for one company. If your office environment has been renovated, you should consider the color of the front desk to coordinate with the background of the office when buying the front desk.

Some Design Factors


The color and lighting of the indoor background are the main matching directions. For example, if the background color of the office environment is relatively heavy, generally speaking, it is not appropriate to choose a dark reception desk. Because of the dark background, the dark space will feel heavier, forming a heavy and dim indoor atmosphere.

In addition, if the color of the reception desk is too strong, it is easy to produce a tired visual effect. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate to choose harmonious colors. However, this statement is not suitable for everyone, because some people prefer to pursue the effect of strong contrast and visual stimulation.

The Office Environment

Coordination between the reception desk and floor materials If the office environment is wood flooring, it is easier to choose a reception desk. If it is a tile, terrazzo, or marble floor, it is not appropriate to choose a steel-wood reception desk, which will increase the cold atmosphere in the room. You can choose a wooden reception desk to reconcile, and add carpets in some parts of the room to ease the cold and hard feeling.

 Coordination of front desk and interior design and decoration The shape, color, function, texture, and hardware of the front desk can be coordinated with interior design or lighting to form a coherent and complementary overall indoor space effect.

 The size, quality, and function of the reception desk should be coordinated with the size of the office environment. In addition to matching the overall office with colors and shapes, size, quality, and function should also be considered. If you have a wide space, it is convenient to choose a larger reception desk. If the space is limited, it is not advisable to choose a large reception desk, otherwise, space may appear congested. Therefore, the appropriate proportional relationship is also very important. In addition, the quality of the front desk and the reasonable function of the reception desk should also be examined in detail.

The Reception Desk

The main material of the reception desk is MDF, and the surface we use the baking paint. The MDF is easy to shape and will make the desk more beautiful and smooth. The back of the reception desk has three sitting areas. If there are more people to consult some information, you will have enough space for the work people. The color we use white and light green to do it.


  • Material, MDF
  • Size: 3x1.5m
  • Surface: baking paint
  • Color, white
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe

There are Some Useful Information


Production time and delivery time: Many customers will inquire about production time and delivery time before placing an order.

This way they can roughly understand how long it will take to complete the entire project. Here I want to answer in detail. It takes 18-22 working days to produce 1 piece. The delivery time to different locations is different, so you need to know your location to check the exact date. For example, we only need about 22 days to go to the port of Melbourne.

The Package

This cabinet is big and heavy, so we usually ship it to you by sea. We know that shipping takes a long time, so packaging is very important. Good packaging can help protect your product and be safer.

First, we will clean all surfaces of the cabinet to make the surface smooth without leaving dust. Then we will use pearl cotton to protect all corners, frames, and hardware. This can prevent the cabinet from being knocked. Then cover all the surfaces with a film, the film also plays a role in fixing the foam. Secondly, we will use foam cotton to protect the surrounding area, and then put the cabinet in an 18mm MDF wooden box. You can see that our packaging is very good, so don't worry about the packaging.


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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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