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Half Circle Arc Shape 3 Seats Office Reception Counter For Sale

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White Curve Reception Desk & Office Front Counter for Sale

Curved shape reception desk design | high quality front counter for sale

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Hello everyone, today I want to introduce you to the front desk in a barbershop. It is curved and the colors are brown and off-white. This is customized according to our customers' requirements. All front desks on our website are customizable. If you have a style you like, you can place an order directly. If you need to change the size or color, you can contact us. We will modify it according to your requirements.

Curved shape reception desk details


Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Skirting: Gold stainless steel

The size of this reception desk is relatively large. Inside are some storage cabinets and some drawers. Its base material is MDF, which is a very commonly used material. The surface treatment is baking varnish, which is divided into bright baking varnish and matte baking varnish. According to the requirements of our customers, we use matte paint. Although the surface of the matte paint is not shiny, it looks very textured.

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Our production process is divided into three parts. The first is to make wooden cabinets, the second is to polish, and the last is to paint. All our products have a drawing, which has detailed material and size details of our table. Our workers will produce according to this drawing. We need to prepare some wood and then assemble them together. Shaped into the shape of our reception desk. When the wooden cabinet is finished, we need to polish it. The purpose of polishing is to make the surface of the wooden cabinet more smooth and attractive. After polishing, we will apply a primer to the cabinet. Then it's ready to paint. Baking paint is a coloring process. Before we start painting, we will send the color to the customer for confirmation, and we will start painting only when there is no problem. The painted cabinet needs to be baked and shaped at a high temperature and then left to stand for a while.


After finishing the paint, the entire desk is almost complete. Next, we need to install light strips, kicks, drawers, and locks. On the countertop, we installed two sockets. It can be used to connect to our computer or cash register.

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After the production is completed, we will arrange transportation. Our freight depends on your country and the volume of the goods. You can send us your port, and we will quote you the price of shipping. We can ship to your port or your specific address. Our cost is the cost of our port and customs declaration and other materials, not including the cost of the destination port. The port of destination is charged by your port, and the specific cost depends on them.

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We are a professional customization company. More than just the cashier, we can provide you with a whole store of furniture. We have professional designers who will help us design an entire store. We will produce according to the furniture in the design drawings. You can tell us your electrical floor plan and your requirements. We can start designing. Our design fee is determined according to the size of the store and the design content, usually 500-1000 US dollars.We are welcome your inquiry.

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Color brown
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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