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Optical Display for Sunglasses Display Showcase with Unique Display Stand for Sale

Unique Sunglasses Display Showcase & Glasses Display Cabinet in Retail Store

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It is very easy to make money to open an optical shop, and it is easy to make a profit. You can see that there are optical shops everywhere now, and each optical shop has a more exquisite decoration and layout. We all know that selling glasses is a relatively long-term business, mainly in the business of repeat customers. You may not make much profit in the first year of selling glasses, but it is undeniable that you will start to make money in the second year and will have higher profits. During this period we need to give customers a good experience, such as specialization, layout and so on. These are very important for an optical shop. Give customers a good experience to make customers remember your shop. It is possible to create profits for your shop.

Sunglasses Display Stand & Glasses Display Showcase in Retail Store

The sunglasses display showcase we use the MDF as main material. The Surface we use the baking paint. Because the baking paint is really glossy and bright. Its really beautiful when you put them in the shop. For the top, we will add the glass to display your sunglasses, inside of the glass showcase, we will add the light belt. And we also arrange the relevant wires that meet the your country standards. For the bottom of the we use the stainless steel, it will make the whole glass showcase more elegant and the attractive.

Product Detailed

  • Material,MDF, stainless steel
  • Size:  0.5x1.2m
  • Surface, baking paint, metal baking paint
  • Color, white
  • Style , Modern design,
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe.


Can i customize the sunglasses showcase? Because i want the jewelry showcase with my logo and idea.

Yes, we are custom company, we can customize the sunglasses showcase according your requirements. You can tell me which part you want to modify. And if you have own idea, you also can tell us. We can customize the showcase according your color, structure and whole style. And if you need, we also can add your logo on it.

May i know can you delivery it to America?

Yes, the America is our main market. We have produced and shipped many commercial furniture to many states in US. So you need not worry about the problem. You can tell us which port is close to your shop or your home. Then we will ship it to the port, you can pick it up on the port. If you want to ship it on your door, you can send me your address. Then we can delivery it to your door.

How can you protect the security during the shipping?

The package we have inside package and outside package. The inside package we will use the EPE foam and the film. We will use the EPE foam to pack the edge and the corner of the display showcase,  then use the film to wrap the whole showcase. The film can fix the EPE foam, can make the surface more soft to avoid scratch. For the outside, we will use the MDF to make the wood box. If you want to customize the wooden box, its also supported. The whole package is strong and can protect your goods from damage. We also buy the insurance form the shipping company. If there are any damages during the shipping, we will help you ask for the compensation from the mall.

If i decide to customize from you, may i know how much i will pay?

You know we are custom company, we can customize the sunglasses showcase according your requirements. The price based on your design,size and material. Different craft the price is also different.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials aluminium-plastic panel
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