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Wall display cabinet for optical|jewelry shop prototype cabinet

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Display plays an important role in some shops, such as jewelry, watches, optical shops and so on. This display is very suitable for these shops. Moreover, it allows you to display some tropys or prototypes at home, which are very functional and you can feel free to use them.


This display has three glass shelves and two glass broadsides, which are well lit through its interior. On the top of the glass shelves, they have a light strip to increase the luminous. when it connects the power. The whole cabinet will be very bright. The sliding doors are easy for iterms to access. They equip with a lock and keep the security.

wall display cabinet


The material of its main body is used solid wood, which is very high end and durable. Compared to the veneer, it has better viewing and a long service life. You are allowed to place high value items in that.


How to order?

First, tell us your requirement,such as the size,logo,color and so on.

Second, charge the order price.

Third, comfirm 3D design. Before we produce, we will show your requirements in the design. When you confirm it, we will start to design.

Detailed information

Size: 36''L x 9''W x 29''H or customized

Color: customized

Material:solid wood

Design time:1-2 workdays

Production time: 5-7workdays

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials solid wood
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