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We usually call the bookshelf what displays the book. Bookshelf is a kind of furniture. Bookshelves are composed of shelves that can hold things. Books are usually placed vertically, but there are also horizontal ones, which can be used to store books and facilitate display and access. Bookshelves also have many shapes and types.The largest and most common ones we have seen are the bookshelves in the library. They are very large. One bookcase can hold hundreds of books.There is another kind of bookshelf is a household bookshelf, I believe many people have bookshelves at home. Do you know how many types of bookshelves are ? Ant Display is a supplier specializing in furniture manufacturing. We can customize any kind of bookshelf according to customer requirements. Whether it is commercial or household, you can find what you want here. Next, let us look at the common types of bookshelves.

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  1. Wall-mounted bookshelf

This kind of bookshelf also has many shapes. It can be geometrical or a clapboard, with a large or small area. It is usually fixed directly on the wall. Regarding the installation of geometric figures, we can mark the holes on the wall compared to the partitions and keep the holes horizontal. For hole drilling, use a drill with a diameter of 8 mm, and the depth of the hole can be 2-3 mm deeper than the expansion plug. The drilling angle must be perpendicular to the wall. After drilling the hole, insert the expansion plug into the hole. If the expansion plug is not inserted, expand the hole slightly, and do not drill it at once. Strike with cement nails or the like to expand the internal space of the expansion plug, making the expansion plug more stable in the hole. After fixing the expansion bolt, screw one end of the screw rod into the expansion bolt. Put the partition on the screw rod and the installation is complete. Install U-shaped, L-shaped, and other geometric partitions, first assemble the partitions and install them on the wall.bookshelf

  1. Floor-standing bookshelf

This kind of bookshelf is the most common. This is the kind of bookshelves in our common libraries and study rooms. Its shelves can be regular horizontal planks or irregular shapes. Its material can be plywood and laminate, or solid wood board. Different shelves can display different kinds of books. For the bookshelves of the library, all-wooden bookshelves are not used. The bookshelves in the library are generally metal frames plus wooden boards. The bookshelves commonly used in the family are all wooden. Library or large bookshelves usually display hundreds of books, so the use of metal materials can make the bookshelves more stable.

  1. Bed/desk bookshelf

These bookshelves are relatively small in size and can be placed directly on the table or bed, and our writing desk can place this small bookshelf. Some bookshelves can have drawers at the bottom so that we can also place our other small things.

No matter what kind of bookshelf you need, no matter where you want to install, you can tell us. Because there are so many kinds of bookshelves, if you have a picture of a bookshelf you like, you can send it to us, and we will customize a new bookcase for you according to the style on the picture. If you want to install the bookshelves in a certain place, you can give me the size you need or the photos of that place, so that we have an idea to help you make a design. We are a custom company, all of our products are designed and customized according to our customers’ requirements. So no matter what you think, you can share it with us. We can according to your ideas to make a bookshelf design first. After finish the design, you can check, if no problem, we can start production. If you have special requirements for materials, you can also tell us, we can do according to the materials you specify. We will decide whether it needs to be installed according to different types of bookshelves. For medium-sized bookshelves, we will choose a whole production, which can not be split and can be used directly after receiving the goods. For some large bookshelves, we will disassemble them into several parts. When you receive the goods, you can install them according to our installation guide. We will send the accessories and tools together.

Since our products are customized, there is no stock, and all need to be produced on-site. The design time is about 2 days, the design deposit depends on the design content, generally 200-500 US dollars. Our production time is about 10-20 days. Freight depends on the weight, volume, and your nearest port or address. For small bookshelves, our MOQ is 10 sets, for large bookshelves, the MOQ is 5 sets. Our payment term is 50% deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment. We support TT Bank Transfer, Western Union, and Alibaba. Please contact us to discuss more details and start our project.