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Bookstore Retail Bookshelf | Library Shelf Display For Sale

Bookstore Retail Bookshelf | Library Shelf Display For Sale

New Custom Wooden Bookcase With Drawers Super Quality Book Display Cabinet

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We know that every family needs a bookshelf, except for our books. I also hope that we can put some other items to help us organize the sundries. This bookshelf can store many items. So you will be interested in this one I introduced today.

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Details Of The Wooden Bookcase

When you see it, you will be very interested in it. It looks very high-end on the outside. It has two types of storage cabinets. One is a drawer form with a door, which is convenient for you to store items and can be dust-proof and moisture-proof, and can store some more expensive items; the other is a small compartment, which you can directly use to store books or some you often need things that are convenient for you to place.


As you can see from the picture, it has 3 layers in the upper cabinet, and each layer is directly spaced enough to allow you to have enough space for the books you need. In addition, we add one layer at the top of the bookshelf, it can let you put more books and other items on it. On the shelves on both sides of the cabinet, we added two metal bars. It can prevent the frame from being scratched, and also plays a certain decorative role.


Main Material

We use plywood as the basic material for this bookcase, its surface is made of laminated. It is durable and has good load-bearing and compressive performance. If you need others, we will provide you with the materials you want.



The color of this whole bookcase is wood color. It looks very comfortable like you are in the forest now. We can also recommend suitable colors for you to choose according to the overall decoration of your home or office.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Plywood
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