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Are you looking for a unique display pedestal? Some items are worth showing on the display pedestal. Only in this way, separated from the surrounding interference, their quality can be fully appreciated. Whether it's for promotion and marketing in the retail environment, sculpture in the gallery, or cultural relics and collectibles of enthusiasts, these exquisite veneered cabinets with protective glass cover are ideal platforms for accomplishing tasks. Each base display frame is made of professional technology and durable. Laminate finish including black, white, walnut, etc. and built-in interior lighting (including LED spotlight) will provide perfect lighting for your products. At ant display, we offer a variety of display pedestals, display shelves, base display to create free-standing key exhibits in retail stores, trade shows, galleries and museum exhibitions. These display pedestals are suitable for displaying jewelry, watch, and all kinds of crafts in sales floors or window displays, as well as for displaying works of art, collection, and cultural relics in museums and galleries. Stand-alone forms of display pedestals are designed to show specific items independently and are very effective in attracting and encouraging closer inspection of more vulnerable and valuable items. Ant Display offer a large variety of display stands, display bases, and display pedestals for sale. Whether you are looking for a white cubic stand or hexagon backlit pedestal, you will always find your ideals display fixtures. 

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Display pedestals are widely used in the retail business industry. Whether you are opening a clothing retail shop, banquet jewelry shop, or eyewear fashion store, you will need some free-standing stands to decoration. It not only make the full interior space more organized but also emphasize the hot selling product and get more customer traffic. Therefore, pedestal display fixtures are very important to any of the retail environments. display pedestal stand

What are the benefits of the display base?

The retail display stand places items at the ideal height to focus attention on your items without taking up visual space. Inspired by the infinite creativity associated with it in traditional and non-traditional displays, Ant Display offers a series of acrylic, wood and laminated base displays that add drama to visual merchandise and the interior space of your home or company.

Height is another reason to consider the base display as a design element of residential or commercial space. Using them between windows or as a partition wall, they can attract people's attention and make the proportion of the room appear larger. The use of the sculpture base raises the object to the level of sight. Research shows that this can boost sales because people who face the options displayed from top to bottom are most likely to buy products that are comfortable to look at. You can use this technique to significantly increase your trade show or retail sales.

Ant display is a company that produces a full range of display pedestals. They can be divided into Four categories: Laminated display pedestal, solid wood display pedestal, and glass display pedestal.

Laminated display pedestal

It is used for displaying and highlighting gifts, works of art, sculptures, collections or toys. These display bases have different height, depth, and width and can be used separately or in combination in different areas of retail space. The laminated display pedestal is suitable for highlighting "new arrivals" that you want customers to discover immediately, or as a whole, which can display different best sellers of new series of toys, works of art or collections.

Solid wood display pedestal

The solid wood display pedestal has a luxury surface and appearance. It is designed in detail by molding, etc. You can find them in art galleries, museums, high-end gift shops or collection shops, as well as museum gift shops. The wood finish on these bases will bring warmth, unique, and unique light to the retail space or exhibition area. In this case, the wooden base can make the objects it supports protrude.

Glass display pedestal

The top is usually a square or rectangular tempered glass with a locked glass door. Depending on the width of the glass display cabinet, the doors in the glass area are hinged or sliding. Below the glass, the area is wooden cabinets. Some wooden bases have standard warehouses with adjustable shelves, can also be ordered as an option, as well as sliding decks and drawers. Glass top of display pedestal will keep your valuables clean and safe. Our display stand is very suitable for displaying your jewelry, gifts, optical products, works of Art (when used next to your exhibits or retail space window). Ant display will be customized according to your size and specifications

Acrylic Display Pedestal

Acrylic is a lighter material than glass, and it's Clear character makes it possible to make different types of displays.  especially wooden base acrylic top display pedestal are very popular in banquet fashion shops and retail stores.  Because Acrylic pedestal stands are much lighter than glass and other materials so, it usually used as a mobile display stands, which is perfect for exhibition stands, trade show display stands or business events displays. 

Custom Retail Display Pedestal For Sale

Solid display pedestals and glass top pedestals are becoming more and more popular due to their variability. We can customize the base according to the size and configuration of your retail space, which is used on many occasions. They are independent, so you can place them along the wall or in the center of the room separately. The display pedestal function is different from any other glass display cabinet configuration. Their display area is a small proportion, which means that they attract the attention of onlookers to a more restricted display area.

Therefore, they are used to display objects with great economic value, artistic value, and even visual value. Retailers want to place products that deserve special attention. For example, a jeweler wants to display his most precious diamond on the pedestal, and the museum will place a very rare artwork on the pedestal so that people can enjoy its glory. The special function of the display pedestal can meet their special requirements, which is not available in other display cabinets.