Display Column | Black Round Display Pedestal W/ Diameter 12

Display Column | Black Round Display Pedestal W/ Diameter 12", 14", 18", 20", 24"

Pedestal display showcase

Black color glass display case pedestal with the lights

Wooden Display Pedestal Stands New Custom Square Display Plinths

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Our common display cabinets in stores have partitions and some small storage cabinets. The pedestal stands are not common in our daily lives. But on some specific occasions, this kind of display stand plays an extremely important role.


Product Details

We can hardly see this kind of pedestal display stands in ordinary shops. Its structure is very simple, and the top area of the display stands is 380mm x 380mm used to display the products you want to display. However, this kind of display stands is an indispensable piece of furniture for museums and galleries. It is often used to display cultural relics or valuable products collected there. Place the exhibits on the display surface area and add a transparent tempered glass frame around them. Because there is only a simple base structure, people can observe the product from all angles.


While we can also see this wooden display plinth in some large shopping malls, which are often used to display clothing and bags. The clothing display metal rack is usually placed on the top. Make the clothes sold and people's height consistent. Customers can directly see the products you sell without bending over.

Material Introduction

We often use plywood as the basic material to make it. Its compression resistance and load-bearing performance are very good. The surface uses laminated craft. A classic retail look that is clean and acts as a neutral backdrop to your products shown on the display stands to help focus attention.

Various Types

We provide you with different types of display pedestal stands for your selection. There are three heights, such as 610mm, 760mm, 910mm. We can also according to your needs to make the new design for you. There is a professional design team in our company. You just need to tell us about your requirements.


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Plywood
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