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Classic and Retro Wall Cabinet Health Care Store Shelf with Glass Pharmacy Display Rack for Sale

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Best Selling Wall Pharmacy Display Cabinet Drugstore Practical New Custom Display Shelf

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Medicine is a necessity in our lives. And there are so many types, it's especially easy to make mistakes. So when you want to start your business with this or need to open a professional pharmacy, you need a display cabinet with enough space to help you.


Product Details

From the picture, we can see that these are wall cabinets. The overall structure is very simple.

wall madecine display cabinet

 The upper part of the display cabinet can be made into your poster area or LED lightbox. The middle part is the main area of your product display. We have designed many glass laminates for you to use. The transparent glass laminate can visually increase the space of your product display, and it is convenient for you to find medicines. You can choose to install the luminous type or other types on the back wall. But I believe that with lighting, the effect will be better.

wall drug display shelf

At the bottom is a sliding drawer, so you can store other items without worrying about being taken away by others.

Main material


This pharmacy wall cabinet display cabinet is mainly made of MDF as the basic material. The surface will use baking varnish technology to make it look smooth and bright. In addition, some materials such as transparent tempered glass and acrylic will be used. We can also provide you with the materials you want according to your needs.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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