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Glass Dome Display Clear Glass Oval Cloche Display With Wooden Base

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In addition to those that can place more products and have a larger space, the common glass display cabinets we can have, there is also a cloche-shaped display case that is small in size and common in daily life but is not very eye-catching. Although the products it displays are very limited, it is small and cute and very attractive, and it is our first choice for gifts.

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Product Details

This glass dome display is mainly composed of two parts with a very simple structure. One part is the glass cover, the other part is the base, which is used to place your products. The glass dome display can use for showing your figurines, miniatures, heirlooms, souvenirs, fashion or porcelain dolls, sports memorabilia, collectibles, crafts, models, statues, sculptures, artifacts, and antiques. As long as you want to show anything, we can meet your needs.

Material Introduction

Obviously, the glass cover is made of glass. Of course, we often use tempered glass or ultra-white glass to make it for you to prevent the dome display from being fragile. And the transparency is high, it is convenient for customers to observe it from all angles.


The base is generally made of wood, but materials can also be selected according to your needs and requirements. In addition to the materials provided above, we can provide you with any materials you want to use, just communicate with us before placing an order. And can offer you customized services to produce the product size you want.

Application Scenario

It can exhibit your items in glass domes to add style to your retail store display, home, or office. It is often used to display immortal flowers and some small decorations. Especially during festivals, we can see so many people will use it to put their Christmas present inside and it's the first choice for gift packaging.

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More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Tempered Glass
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