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How are you? Beautiful things are always very eye-catching. Gold is a very high-end and luxurious thing for us. If it is used on metal furniture, its effect is even greater. When we go to the jewelry store, we can always see a lot of golden display cases. They look very gorgeous and high-end because the jewelry itself is a very expensive and beautiful thing, so the cabinets displaying the jewelry must also look at the same price as the jewelry. In this way, our displayed effect can attract more customers' attention.

From the design drawing, we can see that there are a total of four shelves in his interior. It is a high case, suitable for placing against a wall so that it will not block our view. Its frame uses electroplated stainless steel, which is a very common material process, and the glass we use is tempered glass, which is very strong. We have installed light strips on the surrounding frames so that our vision will be brighter, which has a good effect on the display of our products.

Golden display case

Size: 60x40x170cm

Material: Stainless steel, tempered glass

Tempered glass thickness: 8cm

Others: LED light, lock

Production time: About one week

Place of dispatch: Shenzhen, China


Electroplated stainless steel is widely used in commercial furniture. It has many colors and surface effects. Such as brushed stainless steel or mirror stainless steel. We can choose the surface effect we want according to our own preferences. When we finish the entire stainless steel frame, we will start to install glass and wires, etc. Because our case has light strips, we need wires to connect. Due to the different voltages in different countries, we will also install transformers when we install light strips and wires. When you receive the goods, you can directly connect to your local power supply. In addition to the light strips, we will also install locks, which can also protect our property.

Ant Display

We are a customized company, no matter what kind of furniture you need, we can satisfy you. On our website, you can see a variety of display furniture, if you like, you can place an order directly. If there is no style you like, it doesn't matter. You can contact us and our design team can transform your ideas into 3D designs. This way we can more intuitively see what the furniture we want looks like. We can also see its material, display effect, and specific price through the design drawing.

What is your packaging?

Our case packaging is EPE pearl cotton and stretches film. The outer packaging is a wooden box with a foam board on the inner side.

What is your payment method?

We support TT wire transfer and Western Union.

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Color golden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Tempered glass, stainless steel
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