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Touch Screen Table

The touch screen tablet is a product that integrates PC, touch, audio, and display, and can be widely used in the fields of interaction, education, advertising, conference, inquiry, and command. Multimedia content such as 3D models, text, pictures, videos, songs, menus, web pages, office (word\ppt\excel), and other multimedia content can be freely enlarged, zoomed, rotated, and pushed and pulled by multi-touch. Simple and convenient, become a new interactive enjoyment. The multi-touch table can provide customized requirements for shape, style, height, color, etc. Ant Display supply a large variety of touch screen table, touch screen tablet, and pendulum at an economical price. Check our site and buy your favorite model. 

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Perfect Interactive Digital Table For Sale

Touch Screen table is widely used in many industries, whether you used it as an entertainment table or mart tv touch screen coffee table with mini pc wifi LCD touch screen coffee table. It will always play an excellent role. touch screen table

Touch screen table application:

Suitable for sand table control, digital signages, exhibition display, 4S shop, leisure and entertainment, business negotiation room, high-end club, coffee shop, family meeting room.

Touch screen table features:

A popular product often has its outstanding characteristics. For a high-tech product such as a touch screen tablet, there are definitely many conveniences and useful points to attract customers. Let's take a look at its characteristics.

  1. Shape, metal paint, color can be customized, beautiful, full of technology.
  2. Cool multi-touch experience High brightness, bright colors, high definition, and stable picture.
  3. It is easy to move and can be placed anywhere without environmental construction.
  4. Long service life, IP65 AR glass protection, anti-oil dust.
  5. The application software can be diversified. Through the built-in multimedia browsing, interactive games, picture display, three-dimensional map, it basically covers multimedia material display, product introduction and marketing, history introduction, business/government conference, report and broadcast, and e-learning Main functional requirements for various scenarios. After accessing the network, a variety of applications are realized.
  6. Strong personalized customization ability

The logo, interface layout, and display content of the multi-touch table products can be customized through configuration to meet the personalized needs in the field of multimedia interaction.

Choose the Top-Quality Touch Screen Table From Ant Display

It is perfectly combined with the current cutting-edge operating system Windows7/8, which realizes multi-touch and multi-gesture gesture recognition. It can instinctively and naturally zoom, rotate, and annotate pictures, videos, web pages, documents, etc., Make the touch more brisk and smooth, and enhance the touch experience to the full height, fully reflecting the charm of human-computer interaction.

Infrared multi-touch, browsing is more convenient

Fast response speed, no delay in touch handwriting; no need to touch, no special requirements for the touch body; high touch accuracy, you can draw very smooth and delicate curves; objects operate on the touch screen surface, without having to worry about damaging the display surface, the screen clarity There is almost no impact; regular sizes are free of calibration, and special custom sizes use the Windows own calibration tool.

FHD ultra-high-definition display, the best viewing experience

Engineering-grade full high-definition liquid crystal panels and first-class video processing chips improve the display of high-definition images from a professional perspective, and are the best choice in the field of high-definition tablet interaction. The anti-reflective glass that protects the surface of the liquid crystal display is installed, which can protect the liquid crystal from the damage of sweat, nails, and hard objects. No special surface coating is required. The picture is high-definition, scratch-resistant, and dust-proof. Super light resistance, can be used normally under direct sunlight.

Why Touch Screen Are So Popular?

Newly fashioned touch screen tables, furniture are one of the most creative digital products that attract all the passerby. and it's wide application makes it adapt into every business field. From the shopping mall to education, from restaurant to scenic park. every place will need some kinds of products. 

The touch screen table is the same as the furniture

Both adults and children see touch screen tables as furniture. These devices are truly high-tech products. The latest PC, shatterproof glass, WIFI, touch sensor with nanowire, 4K display, etc. But people know the table, because they will have confidence in them, and they will even approach and touch the table as they know them. This allows us to use touch screens and modern digital devices for education.

Personal distance makes you feel comfortable.

When someone is close to you and too close to you, we may feel a little uncomfortable and resist. For some people, this may not be a problem, but there are also people who are not suitable for this kind of close-talking. The touch screen tablet can completely separate everyone around you without feeling uncomfortable. This is ideal for discussions, meetings, and social contacts.

Play games.

As we all know, there are many people who like games. Therefore, creating user interfaces in the form of games and even allowing games to be played are huge gains. It will attract many people. Playing games with a touch screen table work best. There is a lot of memory. But multiplayer games are more suitable for socializing. The touch screen tablet can support multiplayer games.

Rich content

Pictures, photos, videos, 3D animation, text. Each application must have rich content in order to attract people's attention. In this way, customers will use touch screen tables and have a certain understanding of our products. If there are 3 users, they should be able to open 3 different content at the same time.

Custom functional touch screen table for sale

Ant shows that touch screen tables are available in various sizes and software packages to meet your needs. These multi-touch tables can be built into new desktop kits or can be installed into existing kits. We can customize all aspects of your touch screen table, including shape, size, color, material, and company brand. After reading the above introduction, you have a certain understanding of the touch screen tablet. His functions and advantages are very much. if you want to order, or you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, looking forward to your inquiry.