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Pharmacy store front signs stainless steel logo with back board

Store front signs

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Store front sign is a sign hanging in front of the store as a sign of the brand, which is every shop entrepreneurs must use things. Each shop needs a sign, like a person has a name, is a code name, a sign of identity, store front sign material diversity, rich in style, a good design of the store front sign can play a role is far greater than the ordinary store front sign.


Some points of the store front sign design:

  1. The design of the logo and signage of the store door should highlight the style characteristics of the store.It makes people know what products the store sells at a glance. Of course, there are also a lot of purposely designed products that let customers not know what the store sells so as to attract customers' curiosity. Such products account for a very small part.


  1. The color of the shop sign should not be too complex, and the font should be matched with harmony. It gives people a visual impact, but it is comfortable and impressive after people see it.


Stainless steel logo store front sign:

This is a store front sign use for a pharmacy shop, use the material plywood with laminate back board and stainless steel logo. The size of the shop front logo can make with the size you want and please send us the logo source file. Different size of the store front need different size of the store front signs. So please measure your store front size to us then we can know what the size can fit it.


The shipping of the store front sign:

We can arrange the shipping for you to ship the store front sign by DHL or FedEx. You can send us the detailed address then we check the shipping price for you.

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Plywood with laminate
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