Barber Shop Mirror With Cabinet | Creative Oval Mirror Counter

Barber Shop Mirror With Cabinet | Creative Oval Mirror Counter

Metal Finish Barber Shop Double-Sided Mirror For Sale

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To create a stylish and clean store, a large part depends on the interior furniture. The mirror table is one of the most important tools in the barbershop. It also occupies a large part of the area of barbershop. So the mirror stage is very important.

mirror counter

The above picture uses a very high-end and fashionable metal frame display station, which has several styles to choose from. Its overall effect is very beautiful.

Product Details

  1. Equipped with energy-saving LED light strips on both sides.
  2. The frame is wrapped in electroplated metal.
  3. The strength of the lens is improved, and no debris will be splashed out by the impact of external force.
  4. Mercury lens, the image is clear and natural.
  5. Selected plates, stable structure, strong bearing capacity, and durability.


Safety explosion-proof lens, four-layer reinforced structure, and the bottom layer come with an anti-fragmentation layer to prevent the glass from breaking and hurting people.


Solid wood mirror body structure. The internal structure of the mirror table is made of solid wood materials, which is highly corrosive and the mirror body is more stable.

solid wood

Electroplated metal frame. The frame is electroplated and colored with aluminum material, and the surface can be brushed/glossy/matte, with strong texture and multi-color options.

Scenario shows

mirror station

More Information
Color golden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Metal
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