Retail display case rotating display furniture aluminum groove display

Retail display case rotating display furniture aluminum groove display

Rotating Display Case & Glass Showcase Display Stand in Retail for Sale

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The glass showcase has always been a showcase we often see. We often see glass display cabinets in shopping malls. The biggest advantage of the glass cabinet is that it allows customers to see the product clearly, but it can also prevent customers from touching it. Because many valuable items do not support customer touch. In addition to fixed display cabinets, there are now many glass display cabinets that can be rotated.

The glass rotating display cabinet allows our customers to watch 360 degrees. Only customers can watch it well so that the product can show its value. Only when the customer is satisfied with the product will the purchase be made. So as to come to buy your products. Only in this way can you create benefits for you. You can put the more popular products in your shop in the rotating glass showcase so that customers can see them at first glance.

Production Details

 The material of the display stand is Glass and MDF. For the interior display stand, we will add the four display layers. The layers are made into a glass and make into the glass. For the top of the display stand, we install the light to make the glass display more beautiful. On the sides of the interior showcase, we install the shot light and make the glass showcase more elegant. At the bottom of the display showcase, there is an electric line. When you receive the display showcase, you just connect the wire with the mall powers.


Custom Glass Display Showcase

  • Material: Tempered glass sides
  • Size: 500mmx 500mm x 1980mm
  • Door: sliding door with a key
  • Others: light belt


Production Time and Delivery time:

Many customers will ask about the production time and delivery time before placing an order. In this way, they can get a general idea of how long it will take. I would like to give a detailed answer here. We need 10-12 working days to produce one piece, 12-15 working days for 1-5 pieces and 18 working days for 5-10 pieces. If it exceeds 10 pieces, it needs to be checked with the workshop. Delivery time varies from place to place. So we know your address before we deliver the goods. For example, if you are in Britain, it usually takes about one month.

Packaging of glass display cabinet

This cabinet is big and heavy, so we usually ship it to you by sea. We know that shipping takes a long time, so packing is very important. Good packaging can help protect your products and make transportation safer. Before packing, we will clean all the surfaces of the cabinet first. Then we will protect all corners, frames and hardware with pearl cotton, and then cover all surfaces with film. Secondly, we will use foam board to protect the surrounding area, and then put the cabinet in an 18mm thick MDF wooden box. You can see that our packing is very good, so don't worry about packing.

If I want to buy new ones, Can you help me?

Yes, we can customize the glass showcase according to your requirements. You can tell me what color, size, or other requirements you want to add. Before we produce, we will help you make a design. After you confirm the design, we will start to produce according to the design.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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