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Reception Counter For Amusement Park & Front Desk for Sale

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The reception desk is an indispensable part of office furniture. The main function is to receive foreign customers and register. The reception desk is generally large and beautiful. Generally combined with the company or indoor LOGO wall, it will leave a deep impression on the guests.

The general material of the front desk. At present, the materials of the front desk are marble front desk, lacquered front desk, solid wood front desk, and laminate front desk in order from high-end to resistant.

marble reception desks,

most of the marble reception desks are arranged in the wide one-story office lobby. The marble reception desk is the most high-end material. The price of a set of marble material is generally at least 2000USD, because it is high-end and so expensive.

Baking paint,

The base material of the front desk of the baking paint is sprayed with environmentally friendly environmentally friendly paint on the surface of the MDF. After repeated baking in the paint room, the color of the front desk after molding is bright, smooth and very beautiful.

Solid wood front desk,

the type of solid wood front desk is relatively rare. The workmanship is plywood pasted with solid wood leather, and the craftsmanship is the same as the solid wood desk and solid wood manager desk.

Laminate front desk,

the most economical one is of course the plywood front desk. The environmental protection panels above the national E1 level are top grade. It is often used in combination with steel brackets, with various styles, simplified structures, and economical benefits. It is favored by small and medium-sized companies.

Product Detailed
Material MDF Surface baking paint
Color white Style Modern design, R Shape
Hardware stainless steel handle Others logo, purple color led strip, stainless steel kick toe

Customer Ordering Process

The customer needs this reception desk in a hurry and is used in the work area of the amusement park. He needs two front desks because he has a container to ship together at the end of the month. We spent a day choosing styles and setting sizes. Because the customer did not want to do the design first, we started to quote and finalize the order. Because the amount is not large, the customer pays in full at one time. After we received the money, we helped the client design the front desk with his LOGO. Finally, he determined the size, color, and material, and we started to produce this front desk.


The Requirements from the Customer

The overall shape of this reception desk is the shape of an R letter. The customer saw this cabinet from a VR kiosk. Then contact us to order this counter separately. And as their cashier and reception counter. Just drill holes in the counter for easy access to computer wiring. Then change his LOGO to the front of the counter. Replace the blue light strip with a red light strip. These are all changes based on the original design. Finally, add two sockets to the cabinet.


Why we need to do a design?

Different customer, their needs is also different. The design will show all of your needs. We can customize the reception desk with your logo and your color. If you have any special requirements, we also can help you customize it.

May i know how to keep the security?

we will use the foam and wooden box for packing the kiosk. We also help you buy the insurance from shipping company. If there are any damage, we will help you ask for the compensation from shipping company.

How long will it use?

Under normal circumstances, our reception desk can be used for 7-10 years. If you need any accessories, we can also provide you.


More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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