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Special mall VR kiosk with small reception desk for sales


Color:white and blue

Material:MDF with baking paint


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In recent years, due to the wide application of virtual reality technology in the film and television industry, the first on-site VR experience museum based on virtual reality technology has been realized. We can also see a lot of VR pavilions in shopping malls. These experience pavilions can make viewers feel the feeling of being in the real scene and immerse experience in the virtual environment created by the movie. If you are interested in opening a VR experience kiosk, this article can help you.


As we can see from the picture, there is a small reception desk. It includes drawers and cabinets. You can arrange your stuff freely. And it has a small display table, you are allowed to place your equipment, and it stands on a shelf, you can show your logo on the door head, on its leaf side, you can set a TV player stand, we can provide it if you need, then you can show you advertising. and there is enough space, customers can play in this area. The logo and the blue line are luminous, so we will leave the main power to you. When you connect the power, they will work.

Design: pls kindly let me know your requirement, we will show them in the design,if you have any idea,we will modify them until you satisfy.

Design time:2-3 workdays

Production time:22-25 workdays

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF with baking paint
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