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Phone Display Table & Unique Display Showcase in the Phone Store

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Mobile phones are now part of our lives. As the utilization rate of mobile phones increases, there are more and more mobile phone shops. As the number of mobile phone shops increased, so did the number of mobile phone tables.

This mobile phone display is composed of three parts. There are two display counter and a baffle. There is also a logo on the baffle, we can put your logo on the baffle.


The main material of the display table is MDF, and the surface is painted. The paint is also divided into matte and bright. We will do surface decoration according to your needs.


Color, the main color of this display stand is white. If you want other styles of colors, we will also customize them according to your needs. We will send you a Pantone color card, and then you can choose the color you want. Our factory will match colors according to your requirements.

How to order?

  • First of all, if you want to make a new one, we can also do it for you. Contact our sales and tell you all your needs. We will have a professional design for you to make a solution that suits you.
  • Secondly, confirm all details and receive a production deposit before production
  • Third, test quality
  • Finally, receive a production deposit before shipment


Packaging: Packaging includes internal packaging and the external packaging. For internal packaging, we will use EPE foam to wrap the edges and corners of the display stand. Then the film is fixed. Finally, put the inner packaging into the outer packaging box. The outer packing box is made of MDF. The final step is that the wooden box was sealed with nails.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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