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Phone display stand & phone accessories display shelves in retail store for sale

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Mobile phones have always been carried with us. The popularity of mobile phones has made our lives more diversified. The competition in the mobile phone market is very fierce, and the speed of replacement of mobile phones is very rapid. One or two new products of our brand of mobile phones will be launched almost every year. Corresponding mobile phone accessories will gradually appear on the market. At this time, mobile phone accessories have also become a hot industry. We often see that many shops have wall display cabinets to show us more mobile phone accessories. This can accommodate more accessories, thereby saving a certain amount of space.

The Custom Phone Accessories Display Cabinet in Retail Store

The phone accessories display stand we use the plywood as a basic material, the surface use the laminate. The inside of the display showcase we install aluminum groove plate, the you can put the hook. You can put more phone accessories by this displays. Besides the aluminum groove plate display, we also can add the shelves to put more product.

Product Details
Size 0.6x2.8m Material plywood
Surface laminate Color wood color
Style Modern and Fashion Hardware stainless steel handle


How to Customize the Phone Display Showcase?

First of all, if you want a own idea about the phone displays, we suggest that need to do the 3d design. The design will show you all of your requirements. Then you can make sure it is whether you want. You will see the whole effect clearly.

After you satisfy the phone display showcase, then we can start to produce it. So please arrange the relevant deposit about the phone display showcase.

Before we loaded it, please arrange the balance payment.

May i know how long will i can receive it?

The production will take about 18-22working days. The shipping time based on which country you located, and which transportation method you want.

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood
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