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The mobile phone cabinet I will introduce today is very common. Generally, there are three types of wall furniture in mobile phone stores, one is a slat wall display, the other is a laminate display, and the other is the inclined display. What I want to introduce today is the slat wall display. This is generally used to display a mobile phone card or a mobile phone case and some data cables. We can hang the hook on the slat wall and put the product on it. It has a large capacity and can display many products.

Slat wall display furniture for sale

Size: 1200x400x2200mm

Basic material: MDF, Slatwall

Surface finish: Baking paint

Light: Spotlight

Hardware: Lock, keys

Production time: About 10 working days (If buy in bulk, production time is about 28 working days)

Our location: Shenzhen, China

Production Process

If only one cabinet is made by itself, the time required for it is relatively long. Our base material is medium density fiberboard. When receiving your order, we will first prepare materials, such as wooden boards and Slatwall. After making the wooden cabinet, we need to fix the Slatwall on the wooden cabinet. Reserve wires for connecting spotlights on the wooden cabinet. Then polish the wooden cabinet. It takes a long time to polish because we need to polish it repeatedly to make the surface of the cabinet smooth and have a certain adsorption force. When the sanding is complete, we need to apply a primer. Our surface treatment process is baking varnish. We will adjust the color, and then spray the color onto the cabinet. This cabinet has two colors, red and black. After the color is sprayed, we need to bake it at a high temperature. Then let it stand for a while. The cabinet is complete. The last step is to install spotlights, drawers, and locks. Generally, we will install lights for this kind of display cabinet, so that the product display effect will be better.

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Ant Display Furniture

We are a customized company specializing in export. We have helped many customers design and produce furniture for many mobile phone shops. We can design suitable furniture according to the layout of the store and its brand. The size, shape, and color of all our furniture can be customized. If you do not find the furniture you like on our website, you can contact us. Tell us your requirements, or send us your shop floor plan and logo, our designers will design suitable furniture based on your logo and your products. After the design is completed, we can take a look at the effect, and if there is any dissatisfaction, we can modify it.

Our design fee depends on the size of the store and the content of the design. If the shop is large but there are few things to design, the design fee will be cheaper. If the shop is small but needs to design a lot of content, the design fee will be a bit more expensive. The cost is generally 500-1000 US dollars. 

What about the shipping fee?

Our shipping cost depends on your country's port or your door address and the weight and volume of the cargo. It includes the cost to your port or door. But it does not include tax and unloading. If it is to the door, we can help you clear the customs and deliver them to your designated address. We ask local people for delivery. They do not provide unloading services, so when the goods arrive at your designated location, you can hire a forklift to unload them.

For any furniture that needs to be customized, please contact us and look forward to your consultation.

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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint
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