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White Jewelry Showcase Cabinet Tempered Glass Stand & Watch Display Counter

Pentagonal Jewelry Display Cabinet | Corner Glass Counter

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Corner cabinets are also very common display furniture in jewelry stores. As the name suggests, it is generally used in the corner. On both sides are ordinary glass display cabinets. The shape of the corner cabinet is special, and its display part is generally pentagonal in order to match the surrounding cabinets.

Generally, jewelry stores are composed of metal frames, glass, and other main materials. Jewelry gives people the impression of gleaming, so many people choose cabinets of the same color when buying jewelry display cabinets. The metallic gold also looks more advanced.

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Material: Anti-fingerprint and anti-oxidation aluminum alloy profile, UV board, 8mm ultra-white tempered glass, 5mm mirror-painted glass

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Glass is fragile. When we pack, we will focus on packaging the glass part and the corners of the cabinet. Our packaging materials include pearl cotton, stretch film, foam board, and wooden boxes. Each cabinet is packaged in a single wooden box.

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Jewelry Shop

For jewelry stores, corner cabinets are not enough. We can have a variety of styles of jewelry display cabinets, so as to form a rich and beautiful jewelry store. We are a furniture customization company, we support the customization of a full set of jewelry store furniture, they can fully adapt to the size and style of your store. We will design the jewelry store and produce the interior furniture according to your shop floor plan and your requirements.

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Color golden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Stainless steel, glass
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