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In our impression, most of the jewelry stores are glittering. This mainly depends on the interior display furniture. Glass display cabinets are one of the most important pieces of furniture in jewelry stores. Most of the jewelry is made of gold, so many people choose to make the display cabinet also gold. The effect of electroplating stainless steel is very good and looks very advanced. So many people will use gold-plated stainless steel as the frame of the display cabinet.

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Today I want to introduce the jewelry display counter is composed of Imitation stone pattern laminate, metal frame, glass, and logo. Its front has a wood grain shape, which looks like a stone, and the color is similar to that of the frame, and it looks more uniform.

jewelry counter


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The opening method of this display cabinet is pull-out, we can open it like a drawer. We can install your logo on the front of the display cabinet, so you need to send us the original file of the logo.

There is a cabinet and three drawers on the back of the display cabinet, and its storage space is sufficient.

Accessories Details

The light strip of the jewelry display cabinet is installed on the top of the glass. We will install the light strip in the aluminum trough tube first, and then install it on the glass. It is not visible.

The glass we use is 8mm tempered glass, which can also be replaced with ultra-white glass. If you have material requirements, you can tell us.
accessories details

Metal frame selection

There are many options for stainless steel frames. The surface has both brushed and mirror effects. Colors are gold, rose gold, silver, etc.

stainless steel frame

More styles

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Jewelry Shop Furniture Customization

We are a professional furniture manufacturing company, and we can customize a full set of jewelry store designs. If you have your own shop, you can send is a floor plan, and our designers will design the interior furniture and decorations according to the size of your shop and your requirements. The design is allowed to be modified, and we will start production after confirming the final design. You can learn all the details.


Our packaging materials mainly include pearl cotton, stretch film, foam board, and wooden boxes. They are very safe and sturdy, and each display cabinet is packed in a single wooden box.

jewelry cabinet pakcaging

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Color golden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate, Stainless steel
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