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Enterprises should be the category with the largest demand for the same customized T-shirt, because there are many uses for unified customized T-shirts, such as enhancing corporate culture and increasing the cohesion between employees and the enterprise. In addition to enterprises, there are also many customized T-shirts. We can print the pattern we want on the T-shirt and customize a unique garment. We can also make parent-child outfits for family members and more. In addition to adding patterns, custom T-shirts can also customize the size of the T-shirt. So we are very comfortable when we wear it. That's why custom T-shirt is so popular. Today I want to show you a T-shirt kiosk used in the shopping mall.

T-shirt Kiosk Information

Size: 11x12ft

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Wood laminate

Logo: Acrylic

Decoration: Acrylic light bar, lightbox

Toe kick: Stainless steel

t-shirt kiosk

This is a square shape, Its size is 11x12ft. The main color is white and wood. White color is very popular for shopping mall kiosks. It feels very clean and beautiful. If your products have many colors, then we can use white color as our kiosk color.

It has many patterns around the outside kiosk. We can put the pattern we have, so customers can choose the pattern they love. The pattern is surrounded by a circle of acrylic light strips, which can be used as decoration for our kiosk.

cothing kiosk

The kiosk inside is a working table, we can put our machine and computer on it. In order to let customers see the material and quality of our T-shirts and the effect of customized patterns, we can display the finished T-shirts on the countertop, so that customers will trust us more.

Kiosk Production

clothing kiosk

Our kiosk’s basic material is plywood, and the surface finish is wood and white laminate. Each of our processes is made by hand, so we have a good grasp of the details. Their splicing is very neat, the panel on which the pattern is installed can be disassembled, it is fixed on the cabinet with Velcro, and it is also very convenient for us to change the pattern.

t-shirt kiosk design

Outside the kiosk is a display area, and inside is a storage cabinet. So we can put our products or T-shirt in it.

custom t-shirt stand

We’ve done a lot of this kind of kiosk. If you want to build a T-shirt kiosk in the mall. We need to rent a place first, then we can start to design the kiosk. In fact, the shopping mall does not have great requirements for the design of kiosks. Expect the height and material of the kiosk, we can basically do it according to our idea.

About the T-shirt kiosk color, the most common color is black and white, we can also design the color to meet our logo color.

Kiosk Install

Our kiosks will separate several cabinets, they are complete. So when you receive the goods, you can put the separate cabinets together, then connect the connectors between them. And then connect the main wire to your mall power supply, it can work. So it is very easy.

Ant Display is a professional mall kiosk manufacturer, if you want to start a new business, we can help you to design and build it, and ship it to your country. You don’t need to worry about anything. We can help you to get the mall approval.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate
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