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Custom T-shirt Kiosk Clothing Kiosk Display Counter in Store for Sale

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Custom T-shirt Kiosk Clothing Kiosk Display Counter in Store for Sale


T-shirt is very normal in our life, and many people like to customize the picture patterns on their t-shirt. The different patterns will leave different impressions. Most young people like it and want to put their favorite color on the t-shirt. So selling T-shirts is a very good way to start your business.

You need a kiosk which can display your t-shirt. In general, a customized t-shirt kiosk is necessary, and you can display some images on the kiosk also.

Next, I will introduce a t-shirt kiosk to you as a reference.

mall kiosk

The t-shirt kiosk is very functional, and you can sell the toy, t-shirts, and some key rings. There are two sides to display the pictures: and one side can put the mannequins on the countertop, the other one is to put the picture frames. And the pictures of the frame has two small glass showcase, which can display the goods. In order to make the whole kiosk more high-end and attractive, we add the led light here.

The third side has two huge glass showcases where you can display your toys here. At the top of the glass showcase, we install the spotlights and make the display area more bright. And the bottom of the display stand has a drawer which can store the goods better.

t-shirt booth

Door: you can see that it has a 3D cartoon character and we can take it as a door. The design point will make the whole kiosk more attractive.

Nearby the door, it has a high display stand which is a slat wall display. And you can put your hooks here and display your products.

The other side is a gift display area. In each case, we install the led light, and to make the whole display case more bright. And the top of the display stand has a photo frame to display the goods.

Led light strip: the bottom of the kiosk has a led light strip.

Sticker: The kiosk has a sticker on the bottom of the toy display stand.

floor plan

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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