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In addition to T-shirts, which are the clothing that people buy every day, hoodies and fleece are also a big category that people often buy. We have redesigned a distinctive hoodie display kiosk based on the often designed T-shirt kiosk, which is sure to help you attract the attention of your customers.

Hoodie Clothing Display Booth

Hoodie Clothing Display BoothLike most custom t-shirt kiosks, this hoodie kiosk can also be custom printed. The style of the entire kiosk is similar to the style of the clothes sold, mainly retro. You can see many of these elements in the design of the kiosk. The colors of the kiosk are mainly white, brown-red, and black, and the brown-red color brings a very strong visual impact, especially on many countertops and the inner wall of the counter, using a lot of brown-red, and display clothing The various prints on it complement each other and are very attractive.

Hoodie Clothing Display BoothIn this kiosk design, we have reserved a lot of space, such as corners, kiosk entrances, etc., to allow you to place mannequins so that customers can better understand the effect of your hoodie products.

Hoodie Clothing Display BoothThe high and low counter heights can also bring customers a different shopping experience. The outer side of the kiosk is designed as an area for displaying clothing, while the inner side is designed with a lot of cabinets and drawers for you to store and store. In order to better match the retro style, we used a high iron shelf on the counter at the entrance, decorated with a grid on the top, and hung many promotional posters, so that customers can find your kiosk location from a distance. On the left side of the iron frame, we also designed two light boxes for you to use, if you don't like them, we can also replace them with other styles.

Hoodie Clothing Display Booth


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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,and so on
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