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In recent years, the number of myopia people has been increasing, and people's requirements for glasses have also increased. In addition to the requirements for glasses, as well as the glasses display cabinets you need, there will also be new requirements. 

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You can see that there are three different styles of glasses display cabinets. The top of the three display cabinets can be used as your logo or poster area, and the bottom is designed for you with drawer storage cabinets, which can be designed according to your requirements.

The main difference between A and B and C is that there is no light on the top. The display area of the display cabinet of A is in the cabinet, which can be an anti-ash layer. We have designed some glass laminates and hooks for you to use. While B and C are upright styles, customers can directly observe the glasses products you display. B is a double-sided glasses display cabinet, and C is a single-sided model.



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This combination is other styles similar to the A display cabinet. Their main difference lies in the way the glasses are displayed. Cabinet A mainly uses laminates and hooks to display your products, while D and E are mainly laminate displays. Cabinet D is made of wooden laminates, while Cabinet E is made of glass laminates.

Main Material


The glasses display cabinets we designed are mainly made of MDF. Others include metal stainless steel and tempered glass, etc. We can also provide you with materials according to your needs. The surface is baking paint, which looks very high-end.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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