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The sunglasses display cabinet is seen in every optical shop. It can make full use of space and showcase the eyeglasses in a good way. The wall cabinets include lock cabinets, display shelf, showcase counter, etc. Let’s view the details here.

Eyeglasses display cabinet

The eyeglasses display cabinets usually include 3 pats. The top parts mainly for brand logo, storage cabinets, and even show advertising. The Middle area has a display shelf, slat wall showcase, this area mainly use to place all kinds of sunglasses to choose from.

The bottom area is lock cabinets with moveable layers for storage. We can also add glass cabinets at the countertop to increase the display area.


We can make the sunglasses display stands match the wall sizes. Individual sunglasses are 120cm long, 50cm width and 200cm tall; 140cmx60cmx220cm, etc. Sizes can be customized, so you can choose the correct sunglasses display cabinet.


Please tell us which color you want, and we will help you select a color from the color code. In this case, you can get the correct finish. Such as wood color, white color, black color, green color, etc.

sunglasses display showcase


The main material is plywood with a laminate surface. We can also use MDF with baking paint to get bright and smooth sunglasses to display the cabinet. Other materials include tempered glasses, light, stainless steel, hardware, etc.

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How to install the sunglasses display cabinet

The sunglasses display cabinet is complete and tests in the workshop. We will add light, wires are hidden in the display shelf for better use. Therefore, when receiving goods, just connect wires to the electronic box and it works well.

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate, acrylic, stainless steel, etc.
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