cosmetic display stand

Gondola Cosmetic Display Stand & Custom Attractive Design Floor Standing Retail Counter For Sale

cosmetic display stand

Floor Standing Cosmetic Display Stand, Skincare Retail Units & White Retail Store Stands for Sale

Modern Cosmetic Display Showcase & Makeup Display Stand in Retail Store for Sale

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As the current technology is very advanced, you can see that many people can wear makeup. Good makeup will make people feel good throughout the day. This also makes the beauty market more and more popular. Due to the rise of a large number of beauty brands, the beauty industry has become very competitive. Then we need to stand out in this industry.

Many people choose to buy cosmetics at counters or shops. Because of this, customers can try it out before use, and only if they know that they are suitable, can they buy with confidence. So when customers choose cosmetics, they can touch the showcase. Only a good cosmetic showcase can highlight the advantages of the product. In the shop, the cosmetic showcase is the main advantage of attracting customers' attention. Then show good cosmetics to customers.

Cosmetic Display Showcase

The whole cosmetic display stand uses the MDF as the main material, Then the surface we will use black and white baking paint. The cosmetic display showcase can display the cosmetic on the top of the display stand. On the right of the display stand, we will use the glass showcase to display the cosmetic product. We also put the logo on the right display stand. Then it will make people know the whole brand. On the left of the display stand, we will install the light strip on the display showcase. The action increases the sense of design.

Details :

  • Material, MDF
  • Size: 1200X400X800MM
  • Surface: baking paint, stainless steel
  • Color, black, and white, golden
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe.


Could you tell me your minimum quantity?

The minimum order quantity is 1. But I suggest you order 2-3. Because you need to consider the freight. The more you order, the more cost-effective it will be. If you order one, the freight will be at least $580 to New York port. But when you order 2, the freight is similar. So this is why when you order more, it will help you save more costs.

I'm worried about the installation. Because we are different countries, it is impossible for your workers to help us install it.

I quite understand your concern. Many of our customers share your concerns. Installation is really easy for you. Before we deliver goods, we will install sockets, light strips, logos, lightboxes, and other accessories. When you receive the goods, you just put them in your beauty shop and plug them in. If you order multiple sets and want to get together. We will install male and female connectors under each display stand so that you can easily connect the plug.

Will you install sockets and wires that meet American standards?

Yes, we have made a lot of commercial furniture for export to America. We will use America socket and voltage. You can rest assured that you can use it successfully in America. Of course, in different countries, we will use the socket and voltage of the local country. When you receive it, you can use it successfully.

How about packing?

We will use EPE foam to package the edges and corners of cosmetic display cabinets. After packaging EPE foam, we wrapped the whole nail bar station with the film.

The film can fix EPE foam plastic, making the internal packaging safer. For external packaging, we use medium density fiberboard. The wooden box is very strong, which can prevent the cosmetics showcase from being damaged. If we deliver the goods for you, we will help you buy insurance from the shipping company. If there is any damage during transportation, we can also help you claim compensation from the shipping company.

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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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