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Modern Cosmetic Display Showcase & Makeup Display Stand in Retail Store for Sale

Gondola Cosmetic Display Stand & Custom Attractive Design Floor Standing Retail Counter For Sale

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Due to the rapid development of society, our quality of life has also greatly improved. Skincare products and cosmetics are already daily needs in our lives. And makeup is very important for a woman. Makeup looks different on different occasions. In daily life, our makeup looks average but fresh and elegant. Our makeup is based on weather, clothes, and mood. There are many types of cosmetics, we can choose according to our favorite makeup, color, and feeling of use.

Cosmetic Display Stand

For the display stand, we use the MDF as the main material. For the surface, we use white and black baking paint. Four sides of the display stand we can display the cosmetic like the lipstick, nail polish and etc...One side display shelves are curved and make the stand more attractive. Another side is square shape display shelves, which can help you display the cosmetic. On the side, we also add the light box and make the shelves more bright. On each display shelves, we will add a light strip to display the cosmetic product. At the bottom of the display stand, we add the drawers. The drawers can help you storage the goods.


  • Material, MDF
  • Size: 1000X600X1200MM
  • Surface: white and black baking paint
  • Color, white color
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe, acrylic logo

Ant Display

We are a customized company and we have completed a lot of cosmetic showcases. All our display cabinets are made according to the styles customers like. On our website, you can see many styles of cosmetics showcases. Each style is different. You can choose the right type according to your needs. If you want to customize a unique cosmetic showcase, you can contact us and tell us your thoughts. We have a professional design team to help us design.

After finishing the 3d design, we will send you the design drawings for confirmation. If there is no problem with the drawings, we will produce according to the construction drawings. The price also depends on the size, shape, and material of the cosmetic. We are an export company and have cooperative customers in many countries.

How to choose a good display?

For the first solution, what style do you need to consider in your cosmetics store? What style of cosmetic display stand do you want? You can tell us your needs for cosmetic display stands. We have a professional design team that can help you design a new one's Styles. If you want to decorate a new store, we can also help you design a new store according to your needs. But if you only need the display cabinet, you can tell us the size, color, shape, or style you want. We will design according to your needs first, you can see if this cosmetic display cabinet is what you want. The cosmetic display stand will finally suit your shop style.

The second solution. If you don't want to design a new one, we will help you produce the same one as the image. If you want to add your logo, we can also help you add it.


If you want to design a new one, you need to consider design time. The design time will take 2-5 working days in general.

If you want to order the same one as the picture, you only need to consider production time and shipping time. The production time will depend on how many cosmetic displays stands you need? 1-3 will take about 15-18 working days. If you need more than 4 display stands, you need to consider 22-25 working days to finish. The shipping time depends on which port is close to you. For example, if you are near to New York port, the shipping time will be approximately 32 days

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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