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Cellphone Store Display Table | Wooden Finish Retails Table For Sale

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White and Blue Light Phone Display Stand Unique Mobile Phone Experience Table for Sale

Mobile phone shop display table | Wooden display counter For Sale

Support whole store design
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The mobile phone display table is an indispensable presence in a mobile phone shop. When we buy a mobile phone, we need to understand the performance and appearance of the mobile phone. So we need to try it before buying. So many mobile phone shops have some trial machines, which are usually placed on the display table. They need connection points, so there will be an energized wire slot in the middle of the table.

Mobile phones are often accompanied by many accessories. So in addition to the mobile phone display table, we also need some display cabinets to place accessories. For example, charging cables and earphones.

In addition to display cabinets, a completed mobile phone shop also needs some decorations. The most common is the soft film lightbox. The quality and display effect of the soft film lightbox is very good, and its size is usually very large. The display effect is better.


Basic material: Plywood, metal frame

Surface finish: Laminate



Mobile Phone Display Furniture

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Mobile Phone Shop Furniture

The above display cabinets can all be used in the same store, they are all the same color. Use in the store is very coordinated.

We also provide a complete set of equipment in the store. If you have a new store, we can design the furniture inside according to your store floor plan. We will design the internal furniture layout and decoration.

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate
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