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Mobile phone shop display table | Wooden display counter For Sale

Cellphone Store Display Table | Wooden Finish Retails Table For Sale

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When we go to a mobile phone store to buy a mobile phone, we can easily find it. Most of the obsessive mobile phones are placed directly on the table. Generally, only genuine mobile phones are placed in glass cabinets. When customers buy a mobile phone, they definitely need to test it first to understand the performance and feel of the mobile phone. So the model machine is very important. They are usually displayed on the table.

display table

The most common display table is generally wood grain color plus white, this combination is very popular. The wood color also looks more natural and safe.

display desk


Size: 200/300x60x100cm

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finis0h: Laminate

Whether it is detachable: No

Others: Lock

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Order process

  1. We are a custom company, if you want to change the color or size of the display table, you can tell us. Our price depends on the final design. After you place an order, we will prepare design drawings and construction drawings.
  2. The drawing contains the materials and dimensions of the entire table, and we will send it to you for confirmation.
  3. After the construction drawings are confirmed, we will submit them to the factory.
  4. Our workers have a wealth of work experience, and they produce according to drawings. Once production starts, it cannot be modified. So it is very important to confirm the drawings.
  5. The production time depends on the amount of furniture, usually 15-28 working days.
  6. After the production is completed, we will check the freight according to the packing list and your destination. You need to pay the balance and the freight, and then we will arrange the transportation.
  7. The transportation is carried out by sea transportation, and the transportation time also depends on the destination. A few days before the arrival of the goods, a staff member will contact you to go through customs clearance and delivery procedures.

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More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate
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