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New Custom Design Makeup Display Counter

New Custom Design Makeup Display Counter Practical Popular Beauty Cosmetic Display Table

Makeup Display Counter & Modern Style for Cosmetic Display Stand in Retail Store

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With the increase of cosmetics stores. We also need to consider the demand for the cosmetics display cabinets. For the display cabinet, we have many types that will be offered. Next, I will introduce the new type of display stand to you.

Introduction of the Display Stand

Top of the display stand we put the cosmetic display case to display the makeup product. The top of the display stand is black, and in the middle of the display stand, we use the lightbox and the sticker logo. Below the countertop, there is a light strip to make the display stand light.


The main material of the display stand is MDF, and the surface we use baking paint as the main material.

For the lighted part, we use the acrylic cover to decorate the light strip. It will make the whole effect better.

For the countertop, it does not only use baking paint but also can use the Corian as the countertop. Because it will make the whole display stand more high-end.


Production Process

  • Wooden Cabinet, we need to make the wooden cabinet firstly. The wooden cabinet includes cutting the wooden board, and assemble them into the wooden cabinet.
  • Polish Surface, the step will make the surface more smooth, and it is easy to do the primers and baking paint.
  • Baking paint is very important for the display stand. Because many customers will see and touch it directly.
  • Installation, we need to install the lightbox, logo, light strip during the step.

production process

How to Customize a new one?

  • We have a professional design team and can customize the new one with all of your needs like the color, size, lightbox and etc.
  • After you satisfy the 3d design and confirm the details. We will start to produce.
  • The final step is package and shipping.
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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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