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Hot Selling Cosmetic Display Stand & Functional Display Stand for Sale

cosmetic display stand

Makeup Display Counter & Modern Style for Cosmetic Display Stand in Retail Store

Popular Cosmetic Counter White Make Up Display Stand Cosmetic Shop Furniture for Sale

Attractive cosmetic counter shop furniture

Customized cosmetic stand design

High-quality makeup counter decoration

Produce time: 18-20 days


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Cosmetic counter becomes more and more popular in cosmetic shops. Because it is good to showcase cosmetic products and convenient to provide makeup services. If you are looking for a nice cosmetic counter, please hold on to your step and view this cosmetic table as below.

cosmetic stand

White and gold cosmetic counter design

Size introduction

Here is a standard cosmetic display counter with the size 1200mm L, 700mm W, 1300mm H. We can also make the cosmetic counter size at 1500mm L, 600mm W, and 1250mm H. For other sizes please contact us here and get a quotation.

Color information

The main color of the cosmetic counter is white with a gold metal frame. White color makes the cosmetic shop looks upscale and showcases products in a good way. We can also change to other colors that match the brand logo.


Materials include MDF, shiny glossy baking paint, lightbox painting, golden metal frame, and stainless steel, etc.

Different styles of cosmetic counter introduction

cosmetic counter

1. Combined cosmetic counter with table cabinet

This kink of cosmetic counter includes 2 parts. One part is the cosmetic table with bottom cabinets. We can place the light logo in the front body and back has 3 line decorates and also add lock drawers for storage. Upon the countertop, part is display cabinets. We can change to different styles suit different items. Such as display samples in front and behind mirror with shelves for convenient use. Another style is double side display shelf with a mirror. We can showcase more products here. The display shelves can change to tempered glass shelves.

cosmetic counter

2. "T" shape cosmetic counter with double side mirror

This cosmetic counter looks like a “T” shape. The bottom base has white with a metal frame, we can make drawers here as storage. The countertop has a double side mirror in the middle, next to it is a lightbox poster.

More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, metal frame, light box, etc.
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