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New Custom Design Makeup Display Counter Practical Popular Beauty Cosmetic Display Table

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What we see in many cosmetic stores are cosmetic wall display cabinets. Because the wall cabinet does not take up space and can display many products. But if we choose all wall display cabinets, the decoration in the store will be very monotonous. I guess the makeup display table you will be interested in.


Products Details

We know that customers go to cosmetics stores not just to buy products. And will pay more attention to the use of the product. Therefore, a cosmetic display table for customers to try products in your store is indispensable.

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The structure of this makeup display table is very simple. A table and makeup mirror are the main parts of its composition. The middle part of the tabletop will be used to place cosmetics that need to be displayed. And we will use display racks with small compartments to place cosmetics in an orderly manner. Make it look neat.

Besides, the display rack has a certain angle, so that it is convenient for customers to choose products without bending over and lowering their heads. Under the table, we also designed some movable drawer cabinets. Allows you to store products and store goods.

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In addition, on the mirror, we have added some LED lights for you. Let customers see more clearly when using the mirror. Besides these, there are enough chairs for this display table. Not only can customers always choose their favorite products, but they can also sit down and rest after they are tired.

Main Material

This display table is mainly made of MDF and metal frames. Other materials include LED lights, mirrors, and so on. The surface of this display table is baking painted, which will look like piano paint. Make your product look more high-end.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Plywood
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