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Jewelry Display Showcase & Glass Showcase for Jewelry Cabinet in Retail Store

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Curved jewelry display showcase | custom jewelry shop furniture

Luxury curved jewelry display showcase diamond display cabinet used in retail jewelry shop

  1. this jewelry display case is very high-end and durable
  2. we can customize as your size 
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Many people say that the business of physical jewelry stores is not good, but in fact the number of people doing jewelry business is increasing every year. Although jewelry is not a fast-moving consumer goods, it has a fixed demand. Many people get married every year, and now people also like to use jewelry as gifts. And people's income level is getting higher and higher, buying jewelry is not a very high cost for them. In the jewelry store, the most common display is the short jewelry display showcase.

Why all jewelry shop will use jewelry display showcase to display the jewelry?On one hand, the clean and transparent display cabinets make the jewelry emit a more dazzling light. Without these display cabinets, the effect of the jewelry cannot be reflected.On the other hand, the showcase can help protect these jewelry and make them safe won’t scratched.

The style and function of the jewelry display cabinet will directly affect the display effect and affect the customer experience. Therefore, many jewelry stores attach great importance to the design of display showcase.


So what are the main types of jewelry display showcase?

According to materials used it mainly included 3 types:

1.Wood jewelry display showcase.

This kind showcase body and legs will used wood to make, surface can finish by paint or laminate, only top display area will be glass showcase.

2.Metal jewelry display showcase

This kind jewelry showcase legs and base will use metal to make, like stainless steel, steel or Aluminum.

3.Glass jewelry display showcase

This kind jewelry display showcase will have a big glass display area, will a small base as usually.


Here today I want to share you a metal jewelry display showcase.

Let’s see it together:


See this jewelry case, it is curved shape, it used golden stainless steel for base,frames and legs.The display area four sides and top used is durable tempered glass.the inside panel used is is 1200mm long, deep 500mm, height 1000mm.Through it is small but you can see it is very functional.Inside the showcase added 4 spot light, they make the showcase inside looks bright.the back is a pull out board, when you need take out jewelry can just pull out the panel, when need close, can just push it inside and close use lock. The front can add your logo for advertising. The mental legs and base will be more durable than use wood or other materials, can use long time.Also use this kind material will make your showcase looks more high-end and Luxury. So if you prefer luxury style and durable jewelry cabinet, this one will be a good choice.


Here are some detailed info for you see this jewelry showcase better:

  1. Size:1200x500x1000mm
  2. Material:Golden stainless steel, MDF wood with paint,tempered glass
  3. Accessories: acrylic logo, lamps
  4. Price: 600USD/piece
  5. Color and size can customize as your needs


The workmanship of this jewelry display showcase share with you:

To do the jewelry showcase, it will mainly included 3 parts. Firstly we will do the stainless steel frames and legs,base follow drawing ,then Plating gold on finished stainless steel frames.After this we will do the inside board.Finally we will assemble the glass, lights and hardware. Each step finished we will have QC to check and ensure all is ok then do next step.


Our package and shipping:

1.Our package.

To ensure the package is safe and durable enough. We will do several steps.Firstly we will clean all surface dust,then pack all frames, legs, hardware area use thick Pearl cotton.The glass area we will use Pearl cotton pack two times. Second,we will use dust film to cover all surface.Finally we will use Foam cotton to cover all sides, then put it inside a hard wood box. We will put a fragile logo on the surface of the wooden box.

2.About shipping.

Different locations the shipping fee and time are different. So need you give a location then we can check exact for your ref.


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Color golden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials golden stainless steel
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