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Luxury curved jewelry display showcase diamond display cabinet used in retail jewelry shop

Jewelry Display Showcase & Glass Showcase for Jewelry Cabinet in Retail Store

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Jewelry has been one of the favorite items of consumers and investors since ancient times. There are many wonderful jewelry legends in the world. All these indicate the degree of popularity of jewelry, so the jewelry market will continue to maintain healthy growth. This is why the jewelry industry can endure for a long time. And it is becoming more and more popular now.

How can you sell jewelry well?

Creating an atmosphere is the biggest advantage of a jewelry store, allowing customers to get more professional and emotional experience. Therefore, we need to give products more added value, so that customers feel that they are valued for money, and even have value. And the proportion of added value of future products will increase, including brand value, packaging value, professional services and emotional experience in stores. In particular, spiritual enjoyment is gradually greater than material enjoyment, cultural connotation and conceptual addition. Therefore, the decoration of the store and the display of the display cabinets in the store are very important. Customer satisfaction is to meet and create customer needs, and feel very worthwhile. This is the best deal, the fairest transaction. The so-called fairness is no longer a material equivalent exchange. It includes the exchange of material and non-material values attached to commodities. To measure the equality and fairness of their transactions is the satisfaction, willingness, and happiness of both parties.

Therefore, our current jewelry store needs to focus on atmosphere marketing, cultural and emotional marketing, and word-of-mouth marketing. Pay attention to the promotion of the brand and the enterprise, including the professional service of employees, good interior decoration, and good jewelry display showcase.

Jewelry Showcase Details

This jewelry showcase is generally used in jewelry stores. Its main materials are stainless steel and tempered glass. The outside is gold plating. It consists of two arcs, and the edging is stainless steel. The size is 1.6x0.8m. If you want to customize your own size and color, we can also customize it according to your size.

  • Material, stainless steel, glass
  • Surface, electroplating
  • Size: 1x0.8m
  • Color, gold
  • Style , Modern design,
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle


Ant Display

Ant Display is a company specializing in customization and production of commercial showcases. We have produced many kinds of jewelry display cabinets like this one and shipped them to many countries. Some customers customized a complete set of jewelry display cabinets, and some customers bought these display cabinets separately and put them in his shop. You can purchase according to your needs. Ant Display has a variety of styles of jewelry display, you have to buy according to your own preferences. For example, materials, colors, and shapes can all be customized.


Generally, if you want exactly the same jewelry showcase, the number is 1-3, which takes about 15-18 working days. The quantity is 4-8, which takes about 22-25 working days. More than 10, it takes about 30 working days.

If you want to redesign a jewelry showcase. The design time is about 1-2 working days. If you want to design an entire store, it will take about 3-5 working days. 

The shipping time depends on your country. We generally choose sea transportation, because sea transportation is more cost-effective. However, compared with air transportation, sea transportation takes longer. Our customer ordered 3 sets, which were shipped to Toronto, Canada. It took about 32 days.


In order to prevent the jewelry showcase from being damaged, we will wrap the corners and sides of the cabinet with EPE foam when packing. Finally, we put the foamed jewelry showcase in the MDF wooden box. This will make the entire jewelry showcase stronger.

Payment Method

If the amount is less than two thousand, you need to pay the full amount all at once. If the order amount is greater than two thousand, a 50% deposit is required for production. After producing the cabinet, arrange the balance payment.

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Color golden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Glass, stainless steel
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