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Lesuire Outdoor corn kiosk with catering area for sales


Color:wood and yellow and white

Material: perserving timber and man-made stone

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Corn is a very healthy food, and also, it is low card and tastes good, which is a good choice to lose weight and is deeply loved by many people. We can see there are many corn kiosks in malls or streets. They are very popular, but most of them are just small kiosks without a catering area. In this post, I would like to introduce a special kiosk with rest area.


As we can see from the picture, it includes the whole kiosk and catering area. Let's see the interior design of the kiosk first. It contains several work counters. You are allowed to put your machine or material on the counter top, under the counter, we will leave some space for your equipment. When we do the design, you are supposed to let me know. And it has two big windows and doors. One of the windows allows customers to order or pick up their food. For this kiosk, it also includes the sink, cabinets and electric system. And its roof is like a pyramid-shape, which is well drained and increases its life-service.

The catering area includes bar counters and tables. customers can enjoy their food and chat with their friends. It is joyful.

Outdoor corn kiosk

Outdoor corn kiosk


For an outdooor kiosk,it needs to use the material with better water-proof and anti-corriosion  performances,which can keep it service life and bring more business chance for you. In this kiosk,we use the perserving timber and man-made stone as the main material,they are very common in the outdoor kiosk.

Packing and shiping

You needn't worry about damage to the goods due to a long distance. We will use the foam inside and wooden box outside to avoid the damage. And for the shipping,we usually ship by see ,which is a most economical way . If you are urgent, pls tell us .We can ship by air to your nearest airport from you.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials perserving timber and man-made stone
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