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# 304 stainless steel guardhouse , sentry box & guard booth for sale

Arc Steel Structure Sentry Box | Outdoor Security Kiosk Community Duty Room

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Security kiosks are applied in every place, such as the side of the road, the entrance of the community, the entrance of the shopping mall, and so on. Its application is very extensive, and the quantity it needs is also very large. The security kiosk is placed outdoors, so the material requirements will be stricter. In addition to materials, we also have to consider the comfort of the interior.

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A Variety Of Styles Display

Main material: galvanized steel

Sentry floor: non-slip galvanized steel floor

Sentry box wall: galvanized steel surface

Indoor top: luxurious PVC ceiling

Sentry box size: 1.5x1.5x2.7m

Sentry Glass: Tempered Glass

Main configuration: Exhaust fan, energy-saving lamp, air conditioner rack, air conditioner socket, leakage protector, switch socket, workbench, keyboard tray, drawer

High-quality galvanized steel material


Welding process: stable interface, round and polished

Anti-theft door lock: safe and reliable, smooth opening and closing

Tempered rain glass: protects against rain and sun, not easy to get dirty

High-quality steel: guaranteed quality and high-cost performance


  1. Worksurface. It is welded by stainless steel, with high compressive strength, impact resistance, and resistance to deformation.

  1. Safety switch. It has overload, short circuit, and leakage protection functions to protect personal safety.

  1. Anti-slip floor. Galvanized steel non-slip floor, anti-corrosion and rust-proof, strong and durable.

  1. Energy-saving ceiling lamp. Environmentally friendly and energy-saving fluorescent lamps have a longer service life.

A variety of styles, support customization

Widely applicable to a variety of scenarios

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Steel
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