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Are you looking for an attractive toy kiosk for business? Every family brings up babies, parents buy different kinds of toys for different ages. It’s a very profitable idea to open a toy kiosk in the shopping mall and choose the good-looking decoration. The kid's toy kiosk includes a display shelf, a unique shape display counter, a cashier table, a tall display stand, and a glass showcase. Mainly used to display all kinds of toys, and can also provide venues for children to play with toys. Quality always the first consideration to choose a toy kiosk. Here you can find both quality toy kiosks and unique designs.

Ant Display provides both kid’s toy kiosk design and production services. Our business includes toy kiosks in the mall, toy shop furniture, toy display stand, retail rack, wall cabinet, and glass counter. No matter what kiosks you need, Ant Display can give you better toy cabinet design solutions. Designer creates 3D design model every day to meet special requirements. Bellows are my favorite kid’s toy kiosk project, please view and choose one to start.

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  1. Children New Design Toy Display Counter Indoor Kids Toy Kiosk Display Cabinets For Shopping Mall
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Recently, more and more people plan to open retail kiosks in shopping malls to make money. However, for those who are starting a business for the first time, buying the right kiosk is a challenge. Today I want to share some useful ideas to purchase.

  • First, find a professional design team to make a 3D design
  • Second, choose superb manufacture to build a toy kiosk
  • Third, use good material to build the toy display showcase

Ant Display is a good supplier to do both produce and design work. We provide customize design drawings for the shop owner. Good materials are the guarantee high quality. Our products are sold in the United States, Britain, France, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, etc.

toy cabinetShopping center kids’ toy kiosk design

The business plan is the first step in opening a retail store in a shopping mall. A wonderful and unique kiosk design played an important role in opening the children's toy kiosk. The landlord usually needs a professional design for approval. It shows directly in the design drawing that how the toy kiosk design fits the location. New ideas can also add to the toy showcase design. Each toy car pavilion design is made by 3 three-dimensional designers to make renderings, and 2 detail designers make construction drawings.

Types of toy kiosks

There are many different kinds of toy kiosks in the shopping center. Standard kids’ toy kiosk, small toy cart, unique shape toy cabinet, etc. These toy kiosks have all kinds of colors, which attract the eye’s attention and appeal to children to visit.

Standard kids’ toy kiosk

The standard toy kiosk includes a squared kiosk, rectangular display showcase. Which depends on the location size and requirements. It usually has four sides with glass cabinets, where to place toys. For shopping mall display cabinets, we also need to consider storage and anti-theft factors.

Small kids’ toy cart

Small kids’ toy cart is a very small business idea in the shopping center. It needs little space and can operate easily. And toy cart kiosk can move to other locations easily when adding wheels at the bottom.

toy cart kiosk

Unique toy cabinet

The unique shape is the main reason for the success of the toy cabinet. This makes full use of the children's curiosity. And there are enough reasons to persuade parents to buy, the unique kiosk design is twice the result with half the effort.

For example, we can make the display cabinet into the shape of a car with the permission of the landlord. It is also a good idea to add a model of cartoon animals. Of course, we should also take cost into consideration

Funds needed for custom toy kiosks

Start-up capital is always the most important part of the business plan. In addition to rent, staff salaries, and purchase costs, toy kiosk often only accounts for a small part. Because the display cabinet can be used for a long time and can bring us benefits. Let’s learn how much to pay for a customize toy showcase.

The retail mall kiosk price depends on the size, number of counters, style, material. If the kiosk is large and needs more material and complex craft, the price will be higher. 3m by 3m is the popular rent space in the shopping center. When it has many glass display cabinets to show toys, the price ranges from $6500 to $6800. Choosing natural wood the make the toy cabinet costs about $7600. When you have a clear design, please send us to get an accurate quotation.

However, when the kiosk is small in size and has a simple design. It needs less amount. Such as a mobile toy cart at size 160cm long by 50cm wide and 180cm height. Price ranges from $2300 to $3600. Materials like stainless steel, MDF, wood, and designs cause different costs.

toy kioskHow long to build a toy cabinet?

For a new business plan, we recommend leaving 2 or 3 months to get the toy cabinet. It is better to leave more time to create and confirm the design. Produce time needs about 25-28 working days, the shipping by sea to the port needs about 28 days depends on the destination port. If the landlord wants to review the toy kiosk design, it takes a longer time.

How to use the toy cart kiosk in the mall?

The toy showcase is built according to the design drawing. And all the details will show directly for approval in advance. That means the owner knows how the toy cabinet is built and how many toy counters in total. When receiving the toy showcase, they have to place each counter in the correct direction and connect reserve wires between two counters. Finally, add the main electronic box to the power supply. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us immediately.