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Customized Toy Kiosk & Gift Display Showcase with Mall Kiosk Design in Retail Store

Lovely toy kiosk & wooden toy shelves stand | Portable kiosk cart in mall for sale

Unique toy kiosk with display shelves in Ant Dispaly

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With the fast development of society, more and more people bought toys for their kids. Toys has a big family. Kid’s toys include wooden toys, plastic toys, plastic toys, metal toys, cloth toys, etc. In terms of their functions, the most popular among parents is the development of intellectual toys. Parents are concerned about the growth of their children. They will regularly take them to the amusement park and play with toys them and have fun. It’s a good idea to open a toy kiosk in the mall center, as it can help us win more customers and earn money.

Popular style toy kiosk in mall center for sale

The toy kiosk including display shelves, round layer-stair stand, checkout counter, storage cabinets, etc. As the design picture shows, the toy kiosk includes 4 colors, the stand shelves are green color and two cabinet inside is red and orange color. The round showcase in white color. We can put brand logos on the top ceiling, so that people can view us from far away. As for a customized toy kiosk, the layout, color, dimension, style should follow on special ideas.

How to customized a toy kiosk

First, tell us your own idea about toy kiosk decoration. It’s better to show us all your requirements, including size, color, style, special requirements, etc. Second, pay a design deposit $300, our designer will create new 3D design model to show your own toy kiosk in mall and attach your brand logo to the kiosk. It will give you in about 3 business days. Third, check the design carefully and let us know if you need change somewhere. Finally, our designer modify it better and send for your confirmation. When the mall manager need to review your shop, you can send the 3D model with details for approval. When you plan to open a mall kiosk, please contact us. Thank you

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Color green
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, baking paint, stainless steel, etc.
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