Socks Kiosk

Compared to selling clothes and shoes, more people choose to sell socks when they just start a business. Firstly, socks are a necessity, their demand is big. Secondly, the cost of socks is relatively low, and the risk of selling socks is low, which is very suitable for people who are newly started in the business. If you just have a little budget, can do a small socks display stand or a sockets display wall, if your budget bigger can choose to do a socks display kiosk.

Ant display limited is a leading company in making customized mall kiosks and furniture. On our web, you can find a socks display stand, socks RMU kiosk, and normal socks display kiosk. Here have different styles and sizes for your choice. And we do customize, you can tell us your needs, we can help design the sock kiosk as the style you like and your other needs. Different materials to make the socks kiosk are available, for the basic body, we have high-density MDF and durable plywood for your choice, for surface finish, we have brand laminate, high-quality paint, mental for your choice. No matter you want what kind, how much your budget, we can create a kiosk to meet your needs. The socks kiosk usually will use glass showcase, shelves, or slat wall with hooks to display socks, it also needs to have enough storage area and work area. To attract customers, the outside color and style need to be eye-catching, and the logo sign needs to be obvious.

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The types of socks kiosk

1.Socks display kiosksocks display kiosk

Socks display kiosks usually located in the corridor or next to the elevator in the shopping mall. It has a lot of people and only needs a small place, so it is cheaper and easier to sell than the socks store. It inside will have space for stuff to stand and work, then outside will be display showcase or shelves to show sockets, the backside will have drawers and cabinets for storage.

2.Socks RMU kiosk

Many customers have short leases or need to change places frequently, so you can choose an RMU kiosk at this time. Its size is usually small, and there are usually wheels at the bottom, which is convenient for moving and changing places at any time. Socks RMU kiosk as usually will come with many slat walls around kiosk to display, inside is solid, no space for stuff to stand. Stuff needs to work around the kiosk.

socks RMU kiosk

3.Socks display stand

If your budget is very small and there is no space, you can buy a few socks display stands to sell socks. Although it is small but very suitable, there will be displays on both sides.

4.Socks display wall

If your location is near a wall or elevator, you can choose to do some wall displays to display socks. They have many hooks or shelves to display socks, and cabinets to store inventory under them. They are very practical and the cost is small.


Why you can choose Ant display?

If you want to make a socks display kiosk, you need to check carefully, it is very important to find a good supplier to help you build the kiosk. Here are 5 reasons why you can choose Ant display:

  1. The direct factory will give you the most favorable cost price

We are a direct factory specialize in making customized kiosks and furniture 12 years, we have our own factory, so can give you factory price directly.

  1. Strict purchasing team to choose the best material for you

Before we order we will check and look for many materials suppliers to find high quality and favorable materials. We want to give every client good work and good experience.

  1. Professional design team help you design kiosk as your needs

No matter you want what style, want what color, just tell us your needs. Our design team is very strong, they have many creative ideas that can help design the kiosk to your needs. Also as the usual mall will ask you to submit a design plan for approval, we will design the kiosk as your mall criteria.

  1. Experienced workshop to give you exquisite workmanship

Our workers already did mall kiosks for 10 years, they know the details and structure clearly.

  1. One-stop transportation service makes you worry-free and effortless

Many customers will worry about shipping. We can help arrange to ship for you. After the kiosk finished we will help find the shipping company and arrange load the kiosk to you. You just need to receive the cargo from your side.


What questions you may be will have before order?

1. How much your socks display kiosk?

A: Different styles because materials are different, so prices also different.The price need to check according to the style you like and your size.

2. Is assemble complicated? How do I assemble?

A: Assemble is very easy, no worries. Before packing the kiosk, we will finish all assemble, we will go wire, do electricity, assemble logo, signs, lights, and glass, etc. Just we couldn’t ship it a whole piece, it is too big, so we will divide it into several sections and then pack them use the wood box. We will number each box and do a guideline, when you received just put them in the right position and join wires, connect electricity, then can use it.

3.How long is the delivery time?

A:A kiosk usually needs about 25-28 workdays after the order confirmed. So you can check your time schedule, leave enough time for preparation is better.

4. How will you pack the socks kiosk? Is it safe?

A: Our package is very strong and durable, it is safe. Firstly, we will use protect film to cover all surfaces. Second, we will use EFE foam to protect all corners to avoid scratches. Third, we will use Pearl cotton to cover four sides, then put them in hardwood boxes. So our package is very safe.


Ant display limited is a manufacturer of all types of socks kiosks, socks display stands, and fixtures. We aim to help the newly started customers to become the owner of the socks kiosk, so from design to production to delivery, we will give you good service and try our best to help you. If you want to start your business and need some help, just feel free to contact us.