Hat Kiosk


Now more and more people like to wear hats, and there are more and more hat styles. Why? People wear hats for the following reasons: 1. It can help resist the cold, can shade, play a role in sun protection. 2. It is a fashion decoration, which can be matched with clothes to play a decorative role. A hat that suits you can add points to your outfit and make you look better. No matter children, women, men all need to wear caps, so the demand is very big. If you want to start a business, you can try to sell hats. You can choose to do a cap kiosk, a hat display stand, or a hat display rack to display caps.

The hat display kiosk is a stand used in shopping malls to display various hats and other clothing accessories. The outside is mainly to caps, so it is usually glass showcases. Inside the showcase, there are many layers or hooks to display the hats, and the inside is usually storage cabinets to store inventory. It also needs a special logo and sign to promote and attract customers. If you are a new start, you can choose to do a small hat kiosk, or just do a hat display stand &hat display wall also ok.

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What requirements mall will have about opening a kiosk?

If you want to start a hat business, you must first get a place in the mall and get approval. So what are the specific requirements for shopping malls? First of all, you have to meet with the mall manager for preliminary discussion and determine the location and size of the kiosk. Second, you have to submit professional kiosk designs and drawings to the mall for approval.

The review of hat kiosk design and drawings by shopping malls generally has the following aspects:

hat kiosk design

1.Whether the materials meet the requirements of the shopping mall.

Shopping malls usually have kiosk construction rules, which have detailed requirements for basic materials and surface materials.

2.Whether the size meets the requirements.

Shopping malls usually have requirements on the length, width and height of the cabinet, so special attention should be paid to it when designing.

3.Circuit and safety.

Shopping malls will require that the power and electricity consumption of all machines be within a certain safe range, and the voltage, wires, and sockets must comply with local standards.

So you need to select the design team and supplier very carefully.

Ant display limited is a company specializing in the design and production of customized kiosks. We have a professional design team and an experienced production workshop. Our design team will design according to the requirements of you and your shopping mall. We will add some unique design ideas to make your design very beautiful, innovative, and practical. We will make high-definition 3D renderings. You can clearly see every angle and detail of the hat display cabinet. At the same time, we will make detailed production drawings. There will be detailed dimensions, materials, circuits, lights, and other details to help you get approval. After the approval completed, our workers will strictly follow the design and drawings for production. In every step of the production process, our professional quality inspectors will supervise the details.We want to give you the most perfect kiosk.

The mall kiosk production progress and time

The first step: make wood body--7-10 workdays

After the order confirmed we will send the construction drawing to the workshop. They will follow drawing dimensions to cut wood panels, then join and fix them together. The whole kiosk will be divided into several pieces, they will build one by one, after all finished then put them together, you can see the whole kiosk effect. This step need about 7-10 workdays

The second step: go wires for the whole kiosk--1 workday

Before doing the surface treatment, we will perforate the wires in the wooden cabinet. Every place where electricity is needed will run the wires. They are hidden in the cabinet and the wires are not visible. This is very and beautiful.

The Third step: do surface finish(paint or laminate finish)--6-8 workdays

After the wood body finishes, they will start to do the surface finish. If paint surface, they will firstly polish all surface 3 times, then do base paint,finally will do surface paint. If laminate finish, they will fix the laminate on each cabinet.

The fourth step: assemble the cap display booth--3-5 workdays

After the surface finished, the kiosk will send to assemble the workshop. We will assemble shelves, doors, glass, locks&handles, logos &signs, etc. When you received it, you just need to put the cabinets together follow the right layout, then join wires between them and connect your mall electricity then can use.

The Final step: clean and pack the hat kiosk--2 workdays

After assembly finished, we will clean all the kiosk surfaces and then pack the kiosk using a hardwood box.


How to order the hat display booth?

hats display wall

Some customers don’t know the progress of ordering a customized kiosk. Here are some steps for your ref.

1.Clarify your requirements.

You need to find our sales, discuss with them to know your specific need. like size, color, the style you like, how to layout, etc.

2.Make 3d design

After knowing your needs, we can start the design progress, then you can see the kiosk effect as your needs. To start we will need your side to arrange a design fee, it is usually 300-500USD. Our aim is to help you get approval and then start making the kiosk for you, so when you confirm the order, the design fee will deduct from the order for you, will refund you.

3.Make construction drawing

After design ok, we will do a detailed construction drawing, inside will have all materials details and dimensions. Then you can submit the mall with the design together for approval.

4.Arrange production

After the design plan gets approval, we will need your side to arrange a 50% deposit to start production. We will follow the design and drawing to build the hat kiosk. During production, we will keep you update, will take photos and videos for you to see all details.

5.arrange balance

After production finished, we will assemble the kiosk, then take videos for you to see the finished work. After you checked, then you send us the rest of the 50% of the balance, we will arrange to ship the kiosk.


If you are still looking for high-quality customized kiosk suppliers, Ant display limited will be your right choice. Here we can provide you with the most favorable price, the highest quality, the best service, and the most unique design. There are many beautiful cap display kiosk designs on our website, I hope they can give you some inspiration. If you need any help, just feel free to contact us.