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Hat Kiosk Bag Display Stand & Mall Retail Kiosk Hat Stall for Sale

Functional hats display kiosk cups display booth with wood shelves for sale

Functional hats display kiosk cups display booth with wood shelves for sale

High Quality Hat Kiosk Fashion Cap Clothing Retail Booth

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Clothing is the main product people buy at any time. In fact, in addition to clothes, people also buy a lot of clothing accessories, such as hats, silk scarves, scarves, etc. These are fashionable fast-moving consumer goods. However, it is rare to see counters displaying these products in shopping malls, so this time we designed a kiosk for your reference.

Hat Retail Kiosk


This kiosk looks very much like commercial furniture that sells beauty products, but it is actually a special cabinet that sells hats. Since FMCG products are mainly for customers to buy by themselves, we design them in an open style, so that customers can choose independently.

cap display showcase

The layout of the whole kiosk is very simple, but after adding the top frame, it makes the whole structure look more upscale. We also added 4 rows of track lights at the top, allowing customers to see more details of your products.

hat retail booth

You can find from the design drawing, we set aside the middle area for you to display some jewelry accessories, which can better echo with your hat products. The other side of the Kiosk is designed with a whole row of display racks to give you better hat products. At either end are the cashier and mirror placement areas, allowing your customers to try on products.

hat commercial display furniture


When designing the counter, we designed a lot of small details. The surface of the counter is designed with a very small groove decoration, and the inner drawer space is also very large. The bottom is no longer a skirting area, but the bottom space of the counter is reserved for easy cleaning.

hat clothing retail kiosk

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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