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Hot Selling Massage Kiosk Mall Health Care Kiosk Modern Massage Booth

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With the life development of the people better and better. People pay more attention to their health and body. So nowadays, health care and massage industries are much more popular. Some people are willing to the massage shop to have a relaxing. If you have the massage skills or plan to start the massage business at the first stage, a kiosk is better for you.

The massage kiosk design

This one massage kiosk is for the mall. Its main color is black with some wood and creamy white frame decoration. There are 4 white seats for the customers, then the staff can make massage for them. One cash register counter is on the right side, and the brand logo sign is designed in front of the counter. There is the cabinet of the counter, which can storage many things. On the left side, on short long black stool is for the customers who are waiting the massage or they have a rest, which is thoughtful.

At the back, the wall is decorated with special beautiful pattern. At the bottom, a short white cabinets to storage the tools and machines. And some green plants are on the cabinets, it is a beautiful decoration of the kiosk too. And logo signs are also designed on the wall and two sides of the back wall. And the poster is at the creamy white supporting frame which with two windows. There are lamps hanging on the top and as the decoration too. The design of the kiosk is very modern, simple but beautiful.

3D design

About the design, we can customize it according to your ideas. You can talk with us about the style you like, then we make the layout for you base on the style. Or otherwise, we design one unique style base on the layout and size you want.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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