Pop-up Displays

Pop-up display is called pop-up because it is very easy to shrink and display. It can be single-sided or double-sided, its size can be large or small, and the size can be customized to display very eye-catching graphics and brands. It is very easy to assemble, no tools are needed, and it is especially suitable for use in some outdoor activities and exhibitions. It can be folded and is very convenient to carry, the cost is very low, and it is very convenient to use. They are very economical, portable and affordable. ANT display limited is a company specializing in the production of various outdoor displays. We can provide a variety of pop-up trade displays, outdoor displays, they can be made of different materials for your choice.

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Why you can choose pop up display from Ant display limited?

  1. We supply design service. We can supply you design service, can help you design the display image and graphic as your needs.
  2. Our pop up display can used in many different areas. From Sales presentations to promotions, in-store displays, trade shows, exhibitions and seminars.
  3. We supply you assemble hardware, accessories and transport tools, you can storage and transport the pop up display freely.
  4. Our pop up display has low production costs and is easy to maintain. It includes washable, wrinkle-resistant stretch polyester fiber and a frame that is easy to store and transport.

We can supply you high quality pop up display in 2 work days. You no need wait very long time.


The Benefits of Pop-Up Displays

  1. They are very light and easy to carry

Pop-up displays provide a very flexible and convenient solution. The frame is made of modern lightweight materials and can be folded up, which is very convenient. Can greatly reduce your costs and maintenance costs.

  1. Small footprint and good publicity effect

Excellent exhibition design can play a very good publicity and marketing effect. People can see your brand and products from far away.

  1. Versatility

You can use it in many places, whether you are doing product promotions, or arranging outdoor activities, sports meetings, exhibitions, you can use pop up to increase your product and brand exposure.

   4.Leave a good first impression on customers.

Using pop up displaycan help attract customers, convert some potential visitors into your customers, and leave a good first impression on people.


Pop up display styles

  1. Straight pop up display

We have straight pop up display in different size for your choice.

  1. Curved pop up display

We also have curved pop up display for your choice. Curved pop up display can supply people a special and unique feeling.

  1. Backlit Straight & Backlit Curved

We will combine the pop up display with led light for choice.This way you can see this pop up display from very far place.

  1. Backdrop Banner Stands

If you can make a pop cup display, backdrop banner stand will be a good choice.