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High Quality Necklace Stand | Jewelry Decoration Display Model

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Jewelry Store Display Plate | Necklace/ Rings/ Earring/Pendant Display Plate For Sale

Jewelry Display Props | Multi-style Jewelry Pendant Plate

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Material: Brushed PU leather

Color: Off-white/coffee

Application: Jewelry display

Applicable locations: jewelry stores, boutiques, watch shops, etc.

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A jewelry tray is one of the most important tools for displaying jewelry. All our jewelry needs to be displayed on the tray. Trays can better play the role of jewelry and show their effects well. So many people buy pallets when they buy jewelry display cabinets.

There are many styles of trays, and different styles display different types of jewelry. For example, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Today we are introducing trays of the same color, they can be used together. The effect is very good.


The fabric is made of selected brushed PU leather, which is wear-resistant and pressure-resistant.

It is made of environmentally-friendly MDF wrapped with PU leather, which is flexible and light.

jewelry tray

jewelry display

Single product display

Ring Tray

display jewelry

Necklace Tray

display tray

Bracelet Tray

retail tray

retail tray


display stand

Jewelry tray combination display



display cabinet

hoe sale tray


high quality tray


Dedicated carton. Anti-pressure, anti-deformation, anti-wear.

Wooden rack packaging. Large items will choose to be packed in wooden racks. Safe and firm.


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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Brushed PU leather
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